Lending professionals

Outsource chat operators for financial institutions who work 24/7 to capture leads

Lending professionals

Outsource chat operators for financial institutions who work 24/7 to capture leads

Premium customer support for financial institutions

We offer a variety of useful services within our managed live chat support for financial institutions. Your appointments are handled responsibly by our live chat operators even when you’re not available at your office. You’ll find your calendar filled with appointments scheduled during convenient hours. We take important messages from clients seeking loans and forward them to you while you’re travelling. When you hire chat agents for mortgage brokers and lending professionals, they constantly capture leads for you and organize them by value.

Extend business hours with 24/7 live chat service for financial industry

Once you outsource live chat service for lending professionals, you are never forced to lose a lead to your competitor again. Research data indicates that people seeking mortgage loans normally search online for options on weekends. Maybe a prospective client wants to connect with you during their break. We will reply to their query within seconds and capture a valuable lead for you. We generate a concise report about that client and send it over to you. Then we await your instructions on how to deal with that client further.

Custom live chat management for lending professionals

Our entire live chat service revolves around you so your input is the most important thing to us. You may discuss the perfect live chat scripts with our staff which you feel best represents your financial institution. We assure you that your clients will feel like they are directly communicating with you.

Make the most of your marketing budget for financial institutions

It’s a wise decision to outsource live chat service for mortgage brokers because your in-house staff has to leave for the night. They won’t be available for international clients either unlike managed live chat services. It’s considerably cheaper than maintaining in-house customer care.

Smart live chat solution for mortgage brokers

Making appointments

Our 24/7 live chat service is ideal for clients seeking productive one-on-one meetings with licensed mortgage brokers. We browse through your updated schedule to choose the most suitable free time slot during your office hours. Once we have confirmed the booking with your client, we clearly mark it on your calendar so that you are notified about it ahead of time and may prepare for it in advance.

Fast response time

Since our live chat operators are active 24/7 for the entire year, there’s no chance of a lead slipping through our fingers. Once a client engages with the live chat on your mortgage broker website, they will instantly be greeted by a polite representative who will guide them about your services. We create a brief report about any lead you missed while you were absent and send it to you ASAP.

Managing leads

We possess the necessary information about your operational policies regarding mortgage loans allowing us to sort out incoming leads. Our experienced live chat staff doesn’t miss a single lead and divides them into categories. The leads that rank the highest according to your priorities are quickly forwarded to your inbox for immediate review. We make sure that you don’t waste your time on weak leads that won’t result in a closed deal.

Handling queries

We are regularly updated on your mortgage brokering services and current promotions so we smoothly respond to all questions put forward by your clients. Besides that, our live chat operators for financial institutions are capable of guiding your clients through loan applications too. The details of any complaints that are filed by your clients are also noted correctly and delivered to you on time.

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