Insurance Brokers

Capture leads with 24/7 live chat customer services for insurance groups

Insurance Brokers

Capture leads with 24/7 live chat customer services for insurance groups

Efficient customer support with live chat agents for insurance brokers

Our live chat operators work around the clock for insurance brokers who are experts in health, travel, property and auto insurance as well as those who specialize in industries such as gas, oil and aviation. Our aim is to provide exceptional customer support to insurers and insurance police seekers who contact at any time and any day of the year. We take messages, set appointments, capture leads, organize leads and respond to clients’ queries.

Global connection with insurance brokerage clients 24/7

Our managed live chat support for insurance broking companies operates internationally so that your clients in any corner of the world may contact you easily. A new homeowner looking for property insurance policies may enter the live chat from an overseas location. Our live chat agents instantly update them about your property insurance brokering services and quickly notify you about their requirements.

Setting important appointments after hours for insurance agents

We manage your calendar the entire year even during your off hours and when you’re on vacation. Since our live agents are aware of your schedule, they can set appointments that suit you and your clients. If you outsource live chat support for independent insurance agents, it’s perfect to prevent you from losing focus on your core business and getting overworked.

Why you should outsource chat support for business insurance brokers

There’s a big difference between an in-house customer care team and deciding to outsource live chat operators for insurance agents. We can handle the weekend rush when people search for insurance brokers the most and reply simultaneously to several queries. Overall, outsourcing live chat is cheaper and boosts productivity.

Custom live chat for ideal insurance brokerage customer support

We understand the varying needs of retail and commercial insurance brokerages so we can develop specific live chat management for every kind of insurance broker. Our live chat staff follows your instructions on creating scripts since we represent you. We value your input for developing strategies for dealing with insurance clients who face emergencies.

Managed live chat for retail and commercial insurance brokers

Making appointments

Our live chat agents are quick to manage appointments for clients trying to analyze their business risks for insurance purposes. We mark the best available slot on your calendar so your client may receive expert assessment from you personally and choose the perfect insurance policy for their company.

Replying to urgent queries

We promise no delays for clients who’re facing crisis and require instant attention from an insurance broker who specializes in the form of situation they’re in. Our live agents are active during holidays too to help out with both personal and industrial insurance policies. We’ll reassure them that you’ll get back to them as soon you can for professional consultation.

Noting clients’ messages

We are experienced in managing clients in your absence both insurers and those who wish to buy insurance policies. Every message is given equal attention by our diligent live chat operators and forwarded to the insurance agent most suitable for dealing with that particular request. Clients who wish to send a direct note to a certain insurance broker are assured of their message being delivered on time.

Forwarding major leads

The requests for risk management and insurance consultation you receive daily are carefully categorized by our live chat agents. They are analyzed for their value to the insurance brokerage and ranked accordingly. The leads we sense lack importance to you are placed at the bottom of the list. You receive instant notifications for all the significant leads as they are captured.

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