Insurance Brokers

24/7 email support for insurance brokers

Insurance Brokers

24/7 email support for insurance brokers

Outsource email help desk for policy selection

Regardless of which industry you specialize in, businesses and individuals seeking insurance policies will email you for consultation. Your clients ask you question about the fixed terms and conditions of the insurance policy they have their eyes on and whether any adjustments are possible. Our email customer services can assist your staff in providing accurate information to your clients regarding the various insurance policies they are interested in. Most want to know about the precise benefits an insurance policy promises and they usually want comparisons of benefit between certain insurance policies. We can share price comparisons as well and point out exclusions that maybe important to them.

Email customer services for risk management

Several companies desire a customized insurance plan through professional risk management. This requires plenty of data from your client including their financial records, particular expectations and preferences for the significant areas they would like to cover securely. Our email help desk operators are invaluable when it comes to acquiring essential data from your clients and the documents from relevant insurance companies. We set up appointments for your clients so they can meet your insurance brokers personally to discuss the design of their risk management plan. Once the documents are ready for processing, we send them to your clients for reviewing purposes.

Email ticket management for insurance budgets

There are clients who are looking for affordable insurance policies that don’t exceed their limited insurance budget. Small businesses may lack the means to purchase extensive insurance policies. They email your insurance brokers to learn more about their options. Our email operators assist you in treating each case individually depending on their insurance budget and business priorities. We follow the directions of your insurance brokers to create a clear picture of their clients’ financial status and potential to invest in a suitable insurance policy for their business. We send your clients your expert observations on their case including recommendations on utilizing their insurance budget wisely.

Managed email service desk for claim consultation

Any clients contact you through email regarding claims they wish to file. We can arrange appointments for them with your insurance brokers to assess pertinent claims. Our email agents help you gather the documents necessary to negotiate settlements with insurers and provide your clients their due right without any delays.

Insurance policies

Your clients usually email your insurance brokers looking for advice on choosing insurance policies for their personal assets as well as their businesses. We reply to their emails quickly afterhours and during holidays.

Coverage concerns

Every client has different insurance requirements depending on what areas they want to cover. They send you emails about exclusions and benefits of insurance policies which we can simplify for their convenience.

Business insurance

Those clients who email your insurance brokers about safeguarding their businesses need your full attention. We help your staff compile data on their specific preferences and business revenue at various points.

Motor insurance

Insurance brokers are frequently sought for advice on insuring expensive vehicles. Our email assistants can share your burden while you collect automotive data and arrange consultation for each client separately.

Property insurance

There is a considerable amount of documentation required by the law when a client wants to buy an insurance policy for their property. We maintain communication on your behalf and organize essential paperwork.

Risk assessment

Clients who are particularly selective about insurance policies demand effective communication regarding their specific needs with insurance brokers which our email operators can help you with when you’re busy or not at the office.

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