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24/7 Live chat service for accounting and audit industry reveals higher profits

Accounting Firms

24/7 Live chat service for accounting and audit industry reveals higher profits

Enhance accounting firm customer care via live chat solutions

A good reason to outsource chat operators for accounting firms is to remove the burden on your financial experts dealing with revenue streams, business evaluations, tax documents and estate planning on a daily basis. Most accounting firms confess that their staff is overworked. Our live chat agents are like virtual assistants who manage your clients’ messages and appointments.

Connect 24/7 to international clients with financial queries

A client having trouble with the IRS needs your immediate attention. We make sure that they quickly connect to the relevant department no matter where they live. You may confidently outsource live chat service for accounting firms knowing that we won’t let you or your clients down. Not only do we operate during your off hours but also remain active during the holidays.

Managed live chat for audit industry clients during off hours

We don’t just chat with your clients in your absence. You should hire chat agents for auditing and accounting firms because we have a reliable system for handling your appointments and clients’ complaints. A startup owner demanding their year-end report will not be left hanging on our watch. We quickly connect them to the accountant who possesses their company records for that year.

Custom live chat management that fits your accounting firm

We are aware of the specific financial services you provide and aim to develop a strategy based on your brand image. Our managed live chat services for accounting and auditing firms are customized to include client interaction scripts which have been approved by you. You’re welcome to make changes and updates whenever you desire.

High security live chat service protecting private accounting data

There will never be a security leak under our supervision of live chat services for the audit industry. Your clients’ cash flow data, pending tax issues, business growth plans and company evaluation reports will never be exposed to competitors or governing bodies. We guarantee airtight security in our live chat setup.

Forward requests

While our live chat agents excel at providing necessary information to your clients, someone might need to speak directly with your auditing staff. Your clients may reach us any day of the year to make inquiries directed at your accounting team. Their requirements are jotted down and quickly sent to the person in-charge of managing those kind of financial problems.

Reply to queries

Whether a client wants to know about your tax compliance services, bookkeeping or strategies related to business growth, our live chat agents are quick to respond. It takes us mere seconds to understand their demands and explain the features of your financial services. Clients needing updates on previous requests are given priority and instantly connected to the finance expert managing their case.

Set appointments

We manage your calendar by marking it with appointments your clients have made with you through our live chat for accounting firms. Every time a new message comes in asking for an appointment with your financial advisor, we check the most convenient timings for both you and your client. You are instantly notified of freshly marked appointments in your calendar so you may prepare for that meeting.

Take messages

At times, you’re busy meeting with business owners or unavailable at your accounting firm. Our live chat agents add a personal touch while communicating with your clients in your stead so that they are comfortable leaving messages for you. Every client is given the same attention and their messages meant for you are sent to your email or preferred messenger service immediately.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

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