Email Answering for Financial Institutes

24/7 email support for finance industry

Email Answering for Financial Institutes

24/7 email support for finance industry

Email support for lending professionals

As there are several stages involved in getting loans with specific documents required for each step, our 24/7 email services are perfect for the assistance of lending professionals. From pre-qualification to closure agreements, our trained email operators can help your staff handle every client. Since time is of the essence, we make sure that your clients are well aware of documents must be arranged by a given time limit. If there is anything that they don’t understand, we can explain the meanings of terms and send explicit instructions on obtaining those documents. This leads to a smoother loan application submission and loan acceptance.

Ticket escalation for insurance brokers

Your clients will come to trust you even more as our email support provides great customer experience to those seeking insurance policies. Our email agents are trained in all kinds of insurance policies for medical, property and vehicles. Having industry knowledge allows us to accurately answer queries that your clients may have about the specific insurance policies that have caught their attention. We can assist your staff in matching insurance plans with your clients’ particular requirements. They are well-versed in risk management and selecting insurance plans that fit the current budgets of your clients.

Ticket resolution for claims adjusters

Our superior ticket management for claims adjustment can help you grow your client base through higher retention rates, net promoter scores and customer satisfaction. All email queries will be responded to within 15 minutes rather than having people wait the whole day. Our email operators’ training included technical knowledge regarding automotive claims, property claims, accidental claims and product liability. We incorporate your company culture to create a customized approach that mixes well with the expectations of your clients. Being available 24/7, we can answer all questions about ongoing claims investigations.

Drip campaigns for banking services

We pay special attention to email marketing for banks so that you may be able to promote your services in a more effective way boosting your revenue for that term. Our email services guarantee a higher return on investment by customizing drip campaigns according to the preferences of your contacts list. We can also conduct surveys through email that provide pleasing insight into customer experience and demands from your bank. Email templates are designed for various common scenarios and actions to save resources and produce better results. They afford greater consistency which strengthens your bond with clients.

Email marketing for accounting firms

Your staff can be overburdened by the sheer volume of email tickets that you receive on a daily basis. Our email operators can help them by taking on the extra burden leaving them free to give time to their regular tasks. Bookkeeping, tax accounting, public accounting and forensic accounting are all fields that we are familiar with. Your clients will feel like email support is in-house owing to our training principles. We are good at managing cases of business valuation, ownership transfers, IRS notices, tax solutions, cash flow records, annual financial reports, etc. Therefore, we can assist in answering all sorts of relevant questions.

Auditing services

Whether your clients require internal or external auditing, we can assist your staff in setting up appointments for them, finding the most suitable auditors and arranging the necessary documents.

Loan application

When a client approaches you for preparing and submitting a loan application, we can help your staff with pre-qualification, collection of documents, background checks and other required tasks.

Buying insurance

Our email operators are experts at giving first-time buyers the confidence they need to take the final step and buy suitable insurance plans that will cover their concerns and fit their budget.

Opening accounts

Your high value leads are taken care of by our trained email agents who make sure that your new clients have all the necessary information they need to happily open up an account in your bank.

Filing legal claims

Most queries claims adjusters receive revolve around the time taken to be compensated and whether their case will go to trial. We help manage all common and specific queries about claims.

Setting appointments

Regardless of when your potential and existing clients email your company, our email operators are available 24/7 to arrange appointments for them with the professional they wish to meet.

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