Lending Professionals

24/7 email support for mortgage brokers and lending professionals

Lending Professionals

24/7 email support for mortgage brokers and lending professionals

Email customer services for loan application

After passing through the pre-qualification stage and choosing a mortgage program comes the main step that kick-starts the loan process. There are dozens of emails in your inbox everyday just demanding information about filling and submitting loan applications. Your staff has a lot of work to do just to complete a single application. Our email operators can guarantee that you always have the data you need from your clients to fill in these applications. We organize each client’s full name, social security number/ proof of national identity, income certificate, the address of the property they require the loan for, proper authorization to investigate their state of credit, property evaluation documents and figures of the loan they want to apply for.

Managed email service desk for loan documents

In addition to the information and documents your clients send you to complete their loan application, still other important documents must be included to gain loan approval from the relevant financial institution. Our email operators act as your assistants while collecting official documents from your clients via email and updating them on the status of their loan process. The list of essential documents varies from case to case so we reach out to each client with their individual list as directed by your loan experts. You can focus on the technical details while we collect documents that may take the form of salary statements, tax returns, rental agreements, bank account statements, stock papers, etc.

Email ticket management for processing loans

Each set of the loan process demands a different set of documents and that too depends on what kind of loan your client is applying for and their financial records. You need to go back and forth to guide your clients in preparing these documents and confirm that they are indeed correct. Our email agents can assist you in handling these conversations and obtaining necessary documents at every stage. Once credit reports and appraisal papers are all set, we help you forward them to the lender for underwriting. We keep your clients informed about the response of the underwriter. If their loan application is put in “suspense”, we tell them about what else the lending party is demanding. The clients whose loan applications are successfully approved are ushered into the closing stage.

Outsource email customer services for closure arrangement

Lending professionals are responsible for completing closing disclosure forms and submitting them within a given timeframe. Our email customer services can help contact your clients to gather information about the particular mortgage loans that have been approved and how your clients plan to repay for them. We can also guide them about signing the closing agreement.


Before your client is allowed to apply for a loan, they need to check their eligibility for it. Our email support can help you determine this through enquires into their past and current finances.

Mortgage programs

Since mortgage brokers are aware of the financial situations of their clients, they can recommend appropriate mortgage programs. Our email agents help deliver the information about suitable loans.

Loan estimates

When preparing loan estimate forms for your clients, our email support can assist you by listing specifications of each mortgage program and sending your clients their completed loan estimates.


Email help desk operators are capable of organizing and updating your client database. We keep adding copies of documents prepared at each step of the loan process and sending the right ones to your clients on time.

Credit reports

This may not apply to every client applying for a loan but many mortgage professionals suggest including credit reports with required documents. We collect and arrange data for each consumer credit file in your record.

Closing disclosure

Our email agents can help hold discussions with your clients regarding the closing disclosure form that allows them to review loan terms and payment demands of the lending party before signing closure papers.

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