Managed Live Chat for Financial Industry

Outsource live chat support for financial institutes

Managed Live Chat for Financial Industry

Outsource live chat support for financial institutes

Live chat support for lending professionals

We have comprehensive live chat services in place for taking care of the clients of lending professionals. Your clients may need to contact you at any time which can be tricky with in-house support especially if they are present in another time zone. Our live chat operators can assist your staff in collecting information required for pre-qualification and suggest mortgage programs that fit the demands of each case. We can guide them through the procedure for creating and submitting loan applications. Follow-ups keep them updated on the status of their loan processing while we gather necessary documentation.

Higher retention for insurance brokers

People seeking insurance are often advised to get various insurance plans from the same place to reduce costs. Our live chat support offers elevated retention rates by answering queries from your website in real-time. This means that they will receive immediate answers while searching for more information on your services. Our proactive and reactive strategies may be combined to cater to different categories of website visitors trying to find appropriate insurance policies. While replying to their queries, we aim to provide relevant information that will take them towards the next step in your conversion cycle.

Quick response for claims adjusters

Since reliability is a top priority for people hiring claims adjusters, average response time is a KPI that we pay extra attention to. If you don’t respond quickly it may give birth to baseless suspicions in the minds of clients. Therefore, we give them the best impression of your business boosting customer experience. Our live chat support has been set up in a way that queries are assigned to agents with the most capability in that particular area. We assist your staff with potential and existing clients whose cases are related to accidents, property, crime, corporations, vehicles, etc. Our expertise guarantees higher customer satisfaction score.

Proactive chat for banking services

Outsourcing live chat support comes with monitoring, analyzing and reporting on website traffic 24/7. This forms a critical component of our live chat strategy since we keep improving through regular optimization. By observing the behavior of website visitors and reacting to it in real-time, we push them towards sales while reducing customer effort. Your bank will gain a reputation for being customer-centered as we respond to and resolve queries ASAP. This data is also employed for designing marketing strategies and building knowledge banks to decrease the load of common queries on channels such as call support.

CRM integration for accounting firms

Thanks to our centralized approach towards customer support, accounting firms are able to deliver results faster and ensure higher quality customer experience. Our live chat support is not just attached to your website but is also directly linked to your CRM system. By bringing the essential data of clients at the fingertips of live chat operators, they give enhanced performances. Clients are pleased to know that your accounting firm has all their history and that you are using it to serve them better. It is much more convenient for clients since they don’t have to repeat their issues at various support channels.

Receiving loans

The step by step guidance we help provide to the clients of lending professionals is highly appreciated by them and it leads to an easier process for acquiring the loans that they want.

Filing for damages

Owing to the advanced training programs undertaken by our live chat agents, they are deeply aware of all the common problems faced by your clients while filing claims for different reasons.

Online banking

While customers of banks prefer to do things independently, there are technical complexities that make them hesitate when it comes to online banking features which we can help them with.

Getting audits

Your clients who are searching for reliable auditing services are given individual attention by our live chat support team. We gather basic information about their case before making suggestions.


Even if your phone is busy or the office is empty, your clients can be directed to your website’s live chat function to make appointments through our friendly 24/7 live chat support operators.

Insurance plans

When your clients want to find an insurance plan for the particular area that they want to cover, our live chat agents note their requirements before helping your staff with available options.

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