Claim Adjusters

24/7 email customer services for claim adjusters

Claim Adjusters

24/7 email customer services for claim adjusters

Managed email service desk for claims investigation

When an insurance claim has been filed, your work begins in earnest so it’s wise to hire email support agents to handle communications while the investigation is carried out. Claims adjusters are often away from their desks meeting with witnesses, surveying relevant places and property as well as confirming police reports. Our email operators are available 24/7 meaning you don’t have to worry about emails lying unanswered in your inbox. We are quick to reply to urgent emails from clients, law enforcement officers and other invested parties. Our email customer services run in compliance with privacy laws and we follow your fixed protocols while sharing information.

Outsource email customer services for accidental claims

Claims that are filed in the event of traffic accidents demand a lot of field work. Your staff doesn’t have to choose between managing paperwork and replying to important emails. Our email help desk maintains a balance in the daily routine of claims adjusters. Not only can we answer emails from clients and individuals related to the claims you are investigating but we can also help you with documentation. Our email operators are skilled at conducting research into property, criminal records and financial status of the people involved in a claim. We support claims adjusters by collecting required data and organizing it as requested by their staff.

Email ticket management for product liability

Whether your client is a manufacturer, provides repairing services or an importer, they may need consultation on product liability. Our email help desk operators entertain requests from your clients and forward their cases to the appropriate claims adjuster on your team. Usually, a customer can file a product liability claim within three years of purchasing a product. This leaves your client in jeopardy especially if their customer has suffered bodily harm or major property damage because of that product. Our email agents can help gather and organize data about that company’s product policies. We can also assist you in preparing investigate documentation pertaining to the injured party.

Email support for independent claims adjusters

As an independent claims adjuster, you are hardly present in your office. You are constantly being called into the field to survey damage inflicted by weather disasters and other emergencies. Outsource email customer services so that the insurance companies or third-party administration trying to reach you can receive prompt replies to their queries for swift action.

Property claims

If you are out assessing the damage done to property in a particular claim, our email support can reply to emails sent by people related to that claim and other claims you are tasked with.

Automotive claims

People who have been in traffic accidents or have faced vandalism need you to personally observe the damage done to their vehicles. We can assist you with preparing documents for automotive claims.

Claims paperwork

No matter what kind of claims adjuster you are or what sort of claim lands on your desk, a ton of paperwork is guaranteed. While you draft the required documents, our email agents collect essential data for each case.

Catastrophe adjusters

Since catastrophe adjusters spend the majority of their in the field, our email help desk can manage the incoming emails from your clients and parties related to the disaster you are investigating.

Witness interviews

If a witness of an incident is currently unavailable to meet you in person, our email agents can email them the interview questions and record their statements accurately on your behalf.

Case mediation

Our email customer services can make appointments, reschedule meetings and send reminders for them when you are acting as a mediatory party for a particular claim. We make sure everyone involved is present on time.

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