Insurance Brokers

24/7 Virtual Call Centre for Insurance Brokers

Insurance Brokers

24/7 Virtual Call Centre for Insurance Brokers

Being an insurance specialist, we know you have a lot of work to do on daily basis, and therefore, you are unable to entertain each of your prospective clients on the telephone. We at Live Chat ltd provide an array of services to our clients, which also include contact center solutions for insurance brokers, in order to help them streamline their overall operations.

We provide you the feasibility to select whichever plan suits your needs best. Whether you want us to manage your 24/7 live answering support or simply the after-hours support, is entirely up to you. We are available for your clients 365 days of the year, allowing you the opportunity to focus on more critical things, while we provide customer care to clients in accordance with your expectations.

Leverage our years of experience and competent support teams to offer your clients an unerring support experience

We help provide enhanced customer experience to your clients, regardless of the communication channel they prefer to contact you. Our live virtual receptionists for your insurance company make sure each client call is initiated with your name, in order to provide assurance to them that they have reached the right company.

Phone answering services for insurance brokers

  • Call Forwarding
  • 24/7 appointment scheduling
  • Latest customer service tools for better client care and management
  • Urgent client calls management
  • Multichannel support access
  • After office hours live call support

A proactive approach for managing urgent client calls

Initially, before operating live as part of your contact center, we understand everything there is to know about your company to devise a comprehensive set of protocols, based on the following elements:

  • How to handle emergency client calls
  • How to navigate their predicament properly
  • Identification of their level of emergency
  • Identification of staff members and their area of expertise
  • Effective routing of client calls to you or other relevant personnel in your team

Our proactive approach to client emergency calls, make you stand out more in comparison to your competition, while simultaneously providing your clients the feasibility to reach an appropriate person during the time of an emergency.

Build relationships right from the start

We wish to leave a positive impact on your clients, right from the start. Because we believe it is the most important part of their transaction. You cannot entertain every client query by yourself, and so you have to rely on support agents and voicemail. But, while voicemail provides zero assurance to clients regarding when you will call back again, maintaining a 24/7 in-house team, on the other hand, is fairly costly and one rude remark by any support agent would signify the loss of a valuable client.

Our live answering services for insurance companies are state-of-the-art. We perform quality checks on all of our virtual receptionists on a routine basis to identify their daily performance ratio. This helps us provide an adequate support to your clients whenever they want and give you the opportunity to maintain an experienced and dedicated support team at a fraction of cost.

A real-time answering service and much more

Discover more by directly contacting us about how we can incorporate efficiency, relevancy, and promptness to streamline your contact center’s productivity even further. We offer competent virtual receptionists to insurance brokers, in order to rationalize their practice. We adapt our approach in accordance with your requirements. Whether you want us to completely manage your 24/7 call support while also providing your clients information regarding your services or simply take a message from them in your after-hours and deliver it to you in a timely manner is exclusively up to you.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

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