Call Centre Services for Financial Institutes

24/7 answering services for finance industry

Call Centre Services for Financial Institutes

24/7 answering services for finance industry

Banking services

It is not possible for your in-house support to cater to calls that your bank receives afterhours but they can be easily managed by outsourcing answering services. No matter how late your clients call about an urgent matter, we have a solution for them. They can make appointments through our call operators or leave messages which are immediately forwarded to the employees that they are addressed to. Your potential clients can have one-on-one conversations with our experienced call agents who will help them learn more about your banking services. Once they are satisfied, we can guide them in opening an account in your bank.

Accounting firms

We can assist your staff in handling all kinds of cases from bookkeeping and public accounting to tax accounting and forensic investigations. Our call operators can remind your clients of the year-end documents that will be prepared for their businesses or the approach of accounting period for each term. We can do follow-ups for any updates regarding forensic accounting cases that you have undertaken. Following data security protocols, the confidential information of you and your clients is kept completely safe which we assist you with daily communications. We can also update and maintain your client database and build knowledge banks.

Insurance brokers

Employing a case by case basis for clients requiring insurance plans, our call support is able to offer a higher degree of customization. Besides answering common queries directed at insurance brokers, they are specific questions about the particular requirements of those potential clients. We collect information about their current budget, purpose of purchase, coverage, etc. This allows us to narrow down insurance policies that they would be interested in buying for their vehicles, properties, medical care, families and more. We save their time and energy while giving them exactly the kind of policies that they sought.

Claims adjusters

Linking our call support with knowledge banks for employee training as well customer services promises several advantages. There is a long list of FAQs included in the knowledge bank that lowers the volume of calls your company gets. When someone calls requesting assistance for their particular case, it becomes easier for us to help them by consulting your relevant policies. The main focus of our call services is to develop a lasting relationship and offering solutions that they find perfect for their situation. Adding a personal touch ensures that the caller feels empathy from the other end and realizes that the claims adjuster is sincere.

Lending professionals

Each person calling to ask whether they are qualified for a certain loan is dealt with differently depending on their preferences and needs. While we remain consistent in terms of customer experience, the callers can sense that they are receiving customized solutions. We gather the necessary information that will help determine their eligibility and inform them of the results of their pre-qualification. Our follow-up calls are arranged to let the clients know how far their loan application has come, what documents they need to prepare next and what they must do for closing disclosure to obtain their approved loan.

Arrange appointments

Since our call services are available 24/7, your clients can contact our call operators at any hour to set up appointments with lending professionals or their assistants at a convenient time.

Find insurance plans

Our call agents follow the rules and regulations of your business to guide your clients in selecting insurance policies that provide the coverage they desire within their current budget.

Manage bank account

As banks close at fixed timings, your clients can take advantage of our 24/7 call support to learn more about managing and updating their bank accounts and carrying out transactions.

Hire external auditors

There are several important considerations for businesses seeking external auditors and our call operators have been trained to satisfy all their queries moving them towards conversion process.

Loan consultation

In order to get the loan applications of your clients approved, we cooperate with them in every step where we gather essential documents and forward them to the correct professionals.

Claim filing assistance

The experience of our call agents in claims adjustment makes them capable of making sound predictions and offering good recommendations to your clients who want to file claims.

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