24/7 email customer services for banks


24/7 email customer services for banks

Managed email service desk for account management

Email customer services are ideal for people who are looking into opening new accounts at your bank. They might have trouble finding the specific information they seek on your official website. Perhaps they just wanted to save their time and energy by emailing you. This means that they expect a quick response from you. That isn’t possible at all times unless you outsource email operators for your bank. We are actively assisting you in answering queries regarding different kinds of accounts 24/7/365. The information we provide can allow your clients to be assured before applying for a bank account. We can also give them options for account types depending on their purpose in opening one and their financial status.

Email ticket management for complaint resolution

There’s no shortage of complaints in your inbox from frustrated customers who need to use your banking services on a deadline. If you disappoint them, they are likely to take their business to your competitors. In order to speed up complaint response and provide effective solutions to your bank’s clients, we have trained email operators managing them alongside your staff. There’s a huge list of technical issues your clients face in online banking from forgetting their account password to denied transactions. We can help your experts deal with sudden security breaches, stolen credit card information and ATM services management.

Outsource email help desk for small business loans

Entrepreneurship is not a trend that will ever fade so you need a helping hand to scan incoming loan requests and assessing the ability of applicants to repay those loans on time. Our email operators can assist you in gathering the required information from each loan applicant and guide them in filling in application forms. We can give a list of important documents that must be submitted during the loan process according to the loan specifications of each case. Our email help desk agents can organize the files of every case and inform the applicants of the status of their loan application. We can arrange appointments for closing agreements and tell the loan applicants what to bring for it.

Email support for online banking users

The emails your clients regarding online banking include tasks like paying bills online, making payments via bank transfer, adding beneficiaries, viewing transaction records, etc. We can help your staff reply to their emails with the correct procedures for managing online banking and address their individual concerns.

Opening accounts

The more assistance you offer to potential account owners, the less hesitant they are in going ahead with it. We can reply to their emails providing information in your absence and provide guidance about account types.

Issue credit cards

Our email help desk can share your burden in teaching your clients the terms and conditions of credit card applications, their individual eligibility, kinds of credit/ debit cards, their coverage, particular uses, special benefits, etc.

ATM registration

We can help your staff with clients who have never used an ATM before. They may learn the uses of their particular cards, basic operation of ATM, exact locations of your ATMs, security precautions and PIN code generation.

Credit card theft

With cybercrime on the rise, it’s not unusual for your clients to complain about stolen credit card information. Our email agents assist you by following fixed security protocols to recover the use of their credit card and safeguard their assets.

Personal loans

There are many clients who seek suitable loans for higher education, purchasing property, medical treatment, etc. Our email operators can help you scan personal loan applications for eligibility and collect essential documents.

Locked accounts

Clients sometimes find themselves locked out of their online banking accounts just when they need to make an important transfer. We can help you in guiding them about the reactivation of their accounts through easy methods.

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