Claims adjusters

24/7 Custom live chat answering services for insurance adjusters

Claims adjusters

24/7 Custom live chat answering services for insurance adjusters

Close successful insurance claims with live chat management

We are familiar with different insurance claims for damage to structures, personal injury and third-person property damage so our managed web chat services for private insurance adjusters are ideal for you. Our live chat operators are prepared to reply to claimants 24/7 on your behalf and make appointments according to your schedule. Additionally, our live chat is trained to capture and qualify leads depending on your preferences.

Faster lead capture through 24/7 live chat for claims adjusters

We promise that your business will not be going elsewhere because our quick response times are not limited to specific timings or locations. A claimant demanding thousands of dollars in a personal injury claim will receive a reply within seconds with our 24 hours live chat services for claim adjusters. There’s not a single day of the year when our services are shutdown. We simultaneously reply to messages from multiple claimants.

Improved lead qualification with live chat for insurance adjusters

Our managed live chat support for insurance liability claim adjusters accomplishes a lot more than just message taking. Our complete lead management process involves close inspection of every promising lead that comes your way. We know that a million-dollar property claim is more valuable than someone who’s just inquiring about your services without presenting an insurance claim. Every lead is ranked by value and a useful list forwarded to you with complete details.

Experienced live chat agents for property insurance adjusters

We possess a highly qualified staff to respond to claimants wanting you to evaluate an insurance company’s liability for a particular claim. When you outsource live chat operators for private insurance claim adjusters you get higher expertise and spend less. Our live chat team can integrate well into your existing staff on a virtual level too.

Higher closing rates with custom live chat for claims adjusters

You can focus on inspecting damage, reading police reports, visiting witnesses and evaluating the insurance company’s liability while we take care of the messages of the claimants with our advanced custom live chat management. This raises your productivity levels for closing claims.

Enhance customer support with live chat for insurance adjusters

Appointment management

A claimant may contact you at an unexpected time to assist them with an urgent and expensive insurance claim. That’s why our friendly live chat agents stay online 24/7 the whole year to provide instant response. Claimants who request a meeting with you are given a suitable time which is marked on your calendar so that you cannot miss it.

Lead qualification

Not every claimant seeking your help with insurance is the right fit for your specialization. Our customer support team is instructed on the various features of your services and the credentials of your claims adjusters. We understand how precious your time is and which leads deserve to rank highest on your priority list. These valuable leads are the first to receive your attention as we deliver them.

Taking messages

We won’t let you miss a great opportunity when an attractive insurance claim lands on your desk. Our live chat agents promise no delays in replying to claimants. They receive assurance that their request has been noted and that their messages have been delivered to the claims adjuster handling their case.

Transferring leads

Any lead that shows the potential for a profitable insurance claim is forwarded to you immediately. We draft concise reports on such promising leads containing information about the extent of damage, the people involved and exact location. All this essential data is carefully compiled and sent to you through the fastest route.

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