Accounting Firms

24/7 email support for accounting firms

Accounting Firms

24/7 email support for accounting firms

Outsource email help desk for public accounting

Public companies need to fulfill the financial requirements ordained by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Those interested in hiring your CPAs for accomplishing various financial tasks in compliance with GAAP email you at different hours of the day. Outsourcing email operators to help handle this flow of inbound emails ensures that no email is ignored by mistake. Hiring a group of trained email agents with financial backgrounds will guarantee that your staff’s productivity will not suffer due to shortage of time or burden of work. We can assist you in communicating with public companies regarding projects related to auditing, tax laws and management consultation.

Email ticket management for tax accounting

Your accounting firm’s CPAs are usually overworked during the busy tax season every year. Our email help desk can reduce the responsibility on their shouldering by helping to manage communications with different clients of yours. The businesses that have trusted you with their tax documents will receive fast response from our email agents 24/7. We can make tax season easier for both your staff and clients. We are familiar with the rules of the Internal Revenue Code and stay updated about changing tax laws. Our email agents are regularly educated on the latest accounting software and modern tax planning strategies. We can assist your tax accountants in organizing documents and gathering data for the completion of tax payments.

Managed email service desk for forensic accounting

We understand the sensitivity of forensic accounting investigations and maintain total secrecy while your forensic accountants are working on fraud cases. Our email help desk operators prove valuable in the collection of confidential information from your clients and parties related to such cases. While you are away from your desk meeting with law enforcement officers and securing witnesses, our email agents take care of incoming emails. According to your specific directions, we carefully update your clients on the progress of the investigation they hired you for. In the event that your forensic accountants are expected to be present as witnesses during court proceedings, we can help them prepare the necessary documents.

Outsource email customer services for bookkeeping

Since most bookkeeping firms operate in small numbers, your staff may not be able to manage emails from your clients properly especially those that arrive in your inbox afterhours. Our email agents can facilitate your communication with clients by replying to their queries within 15 minutes.

Year-end documents

The end of a year is an extremely busy time for accounting firms so allow our email customer services to help your organize your clients’ emails and reply to them on time to avoid any delays.

IRS notices & audits

In case your client needs your accounting firm to be their representative when an IRS notice arrives for them, our email agents can help you tackle that task as well requests for auditing.

Ownership transfers

Clients who are selling their companies or acquiring new ones talk to your accountants frequently about the preparation of necessary documents. We act as email managers to handle documentation queries.

Feasible tax solution

Businesses that seek professional tax managers and want consultation for devising smart tax solutions send their queries via email which we can assist you with during busy months and afterhours.

Cash flow records

Small businesses often outsource bookkeeping services allowing them to focus on their core functions. Our email operators help you in gathering their data regularly and delivering reports to them.

Business valuation

If your client is planning to sell their business or acquire another company, our email customer services can help you manage their requests and send them accurate reports of pertinent business evaluations.

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