24/7 Software and app live chat technical support


24/7 Software and app live chat technical support

24/7 Live chat technical assistance for software and app

You never know when your client may want to complain about your application crashing or require help with software installation. This is why our live chat customer services for software and apps operate 24/7/365. Our experts provide quick solutions to your clients and answer any questions they may have about your products.

Increase retention rates with live chat technical support

Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we take special measures to gain their approval. This is a solid reason to hire live chat agents for software customer support who have experience in this industry. Our friendly experts build trust and offer expert guidance resulting in positive reviews and greater return on investment.

Outsource technical support for your software and app

We make sure that you can pay attention to software design and app development while we take care of your clients. Outsourcing not only shares your burden but is also considerably cheaper than keeping in-house technical support. Our live chat agents are available 24/7 unlike an in-house team that cannot work afterhours.

Custom live chat technical support for software and app

How you wish to deal with technical support via live chat depends on your website traffic and business requirements. Our managed live chat technical support for your software and app is flexible to accommodate custom live chat scripts and protocols for specific technical problems.

Higher software and app sales with live chat technical assistance

Lead capturing

Our live chat team consists of industry experts who are skilled at capturing leads for software and application developers. We anticipate the questions of your website visitors and get their contact information while discussing their queries.

Lead qualification

Another benefit of hiring live chat management for technical support is that our agents can qualify leads for your business. The leads that are irrelevant to the kind of software you provide are ranked low as compared to others and sent to your sales team.

Product inquiries

When a website visitor comes to us searching for a specific product to solve a problem for their business, our live chat operators quickly explain the best features of your products and what makes the unique. We show your clients how your product can fix their present issues.


To ensure that your clients never return disappointed with their purchase, our live chat staff asks them about their requirements. Then we match their demands against your product range and offer them recommendations. With our help, your clients never regret the software they bought.

Software installation

Not only do we assist your clients in the installation of software step by step but we also remotely access their system to complete the complicated installation for them. This guarantees that there are no errors in installation and they won’t have to deal with serious concerns any time soon.


Our live chat agents actively solve problems for your clients 24/7. Whenever a client contacts us, we answer within seconds and assure them of timely resolution. Our experts identify the underlying cause and fix it so that your clients receive long lasting solutions.

Direct promotion

Every chance we get, our live chat operators share features of software your website visitors might be interested in purchasing based on their present queries. Our strategy is to focus on their concerns instead of pushing forward products they don’t need.

Gathering data

Our live chat staff is always collecting information about your website visitors while chatting with them. You get to learn about their preferences and expectations. This data is delivered to your marketing department for use in powerful campaigns.

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