Technical Support

24/7 Managed technical support through live chat

Technical Support

24/7 Managed technical support through live chat

Integrated live chat technical support for quick resolution

You may raise your daily productivity by choosing to outsource live chat for technical support. It saves your from hiring an expensive in-house team which consumes real estate and doesn’t work afterhours. On the other hand, the specialty of our 24/7 technical support through live chat is that we integrate seamlessly with your present setup. We work in sync with your internal staff offering technical assistance from level 1 to level 3.

Greater customer satisfaction with live chat technical support

Our technical support live chat operators use their extensive experience to devise ideal solutions to the technical issues faced by your clients. From troubleshooting a function on a smart TV to installing complex software remotely, we guarantee that your client will receive our full cooperation and leave satisfied.

Optimized technical support for every query category

Our technical support management encompasses queries from level 1 to level 3. The live chat operators running level 1 live chat technical support handle minor inquiries including pre-sales questions about your company, products and services. We take care of technical queries about your products and software installations too. Our experts managing level 2 and 3 technical support through live chat have advanced training in their field. They personally remove technical hurdles remotely and accomplish complicated installations.

24/7 Live chat technical support increases customer retention rates


The goal of our live chat services for technical support is to quickly resolve any problems your clients are facing with hardware or software from your company and reducing the occurrence of such issues. We guide your clients through the troubleshooting process and help them select the correct settings for their system. Our live chat agents help them take steps to prevent similar situations in the future.

Software installation

We don’t expect your clients to understand complex software installation procedures so our live chat operators are available 24/7 to help them accomplish software installations. We break down the technical terms while guiding them through it. If necessary, our technical experts remotely complete software installations for your clients so that they don’t have to stop their daily operations for the sake of missing software.

Product downloads

Before your clients select products for their business, our live chat operators are there to assist them in making the right decision. By helping your clients choose the most suitable software for their requirements, we decrease the chances of later complaints. Our technical support explains the outstanding features of your products and services while gathering more information about their purpose of purchase. Your clients are pleased with their choice from our recommendations.

Advisory queries

Among your services, technical consultation is one our live chat staff has experience handling queries for. First, we ask your clients about their reasons for seeking consultation and their expectations from these sessions. Then, we forward their case to the consultant in your company who has a high success rate for similar cases. An instant notification is delivered to their inbox about every case sent their way.

Hardware malfunction

Facing hardware trouble may seriously affect major operations within your clients’ businesses. Therefore, our technical staff responds to their query within a few seconds. We take stock of the situation following protocols discussed with your team beforehand. Once the problem has been identified, we inform your clients about the extent of the damage and provide direct solutions.

Technical maintenance

We guide your clients regarding regular updates that their system needs to function smoothly. Whether they need a new version of existing software or a hardware upgrade, we explain the problems related to compatibility in simple language so they may recognize the importance of such updates. Our live chat operators then proceed to find the specific products for their system.

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