24/7 Call center for software and app support


24/7 Call center for software and app support

Technical support call agents for software and applications

The best way to beat your competitors in the IT industry is to offer your software and application users technical assistance 24/7 all year through professional call operators. Having industry experts available to handle your clients’ queries and technical problems will surely gain you more points than others. Our call agents for software businesses have experience in providing technical support for queries from level 1 to level 3. We have got all the needs of your clients covered with our extensive call services for software and application users. Besides helping your clients with technical issues related to your products and services, we manage incoming leads for your company.

Outsource call services for software and app troubleshooting

What if you could bring top notch customer care to your clients through a call center and save resources for future investments? This is possible if you choose to outsource technical support call services for your software company. That’s because outsourcing does not demand any real estate resources since our virtual call agents are fully capable of offering remote assistance to your clients for technical issues. It’s far easier and cheaper to outsource call operators for the IT industry than maintaining an in-house team. In addition, outsourced call services for software businesses run 24/7 the whole year unlike in-house call agents. We respond to calls afterhours allowing you to gather more leads resulting in greater productivity.

Call center for software and app ensures higher sales

Ideally, your software company’s representatives should be taking calls 24/7 even during holidays to maximize your marketing. This is exactly what our call services for the IT industry promise because we don’t let the leads you generate through direct marketing and other strategies go to waste. All the resources you invested in developing big marketing strategies will be utilized with our call agents capturing incoming leads the whole day. Additionally, we cooperate with your sales department saving them from the hassle of filtering and ranking gathered leads. They can just pay attention to converting the leads with the most potential for your software business.

Enhance customer care for app users via call operators

Software installation

They software and applications you sell hold great importance to your clients’ businesses. So, they cannot afford any delays or mistakes in installation. Thanks to our call operators managing software and application installations, your clients need not worry.


Even if software has been correctly installed, issues can occur at any time and must be fixed immediately so that your clients may return to work. Our efficient troubleshooting call services are perfect for clients living in different time zones.

Client call routing

We don’t want your clients to suffer through a maze of machine recording during a crisis. Your paying clients deserve fast response so our call operators never delay picking up their calls. Their calls are forwarded to your experts on their request or for specialized expertise.

Set appointments

In case remote assistance through our virtual receptionists on call is not sufficient for a certain client, we schedule appointments for them with your experts. The relevant individual is notified of the upcoming meeting and it is marked on their calendar.

Lead management

Forget about losing leads because our call operators for software houses are actively gathering leads 24/7/365. We filter and grade those leads depending on their chances of conversion. We create reports on your leads and send them to your sales team.

Technical guidance

We wish to provide maximum convenience to your paying clients through our call center. They may call us at any hour and ask our industry experts about specific features and functions related to the software and applications you have developed.

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