IT Technical Support

24/7 email customer services for IT technical support

IT Technical Support

24/7 email customer services for IT technical support

Outsource email customer services for Level 1 support

The most successful IT companies pay attention to customer care to raise retention rates and receive a higher number of positive reviews from their clients. It’s not about how complex their queries about your IT services are but how well you respond to their emails. Outsourcing email operators to assist in managing these replies can give you the upper hand among competitors. When your clients enquire about available software solutions for their business, they need expert consultation to make important decisions for their company. We can help you provide them with useful product links and take stock of their particular requirements. Our email agents reply to their level 1 queries afterhours 365 days a year.

Email ticket management for Level 2 and 3 assistance

Apart from purchasing software from your company and subscribing to your IT services, your clients need technical assistance in managing them. If your client’s system is down because of unfitting settings in their computer system, we can aid you in entering their system virtually and turning on suitable settings. It’s common to encounter bugs that slow down operations or prevent your clients from accessing certain parts of their system. In your absence, our trained technicians can remove such errors. Your clients can depend on our expertise when you’re unavailable to personally execute system scans and protocols to maintain tight security.

Email support for remote software installation

Those who lack proper training might be hesitant to install advanced software on their own. The recommended settings don’t work for everyone. So, your clients need an expert to organize custom installation that fits their purpose for buying that software as well as their existing computer system. Our level 2 and 3 email operators can arrange remote installation for such clients. We can increase the efficiency of the communication that is necessary to gather data about their particular system, business priorities and functions which will be used most frequently. Our email operators can handle our duties 24/7 and get installations done before schedule.

Managed email service desk for IT service providers

Our email customer services are dedicated to improving your relationship with clients who seek your IT products and services by never disappointing them when it comes to communication. Your clients know that their emails will never be ignored nor will they have to wait 24 hours to get a minor bug fixed.

IT complaint status

From irregularities in billing to software crashing, your clients email you about various problems daily. Our email help desk can help you organize their complaints by category and swiftly resolve them.

Fixing bugs in system

You don’t want your clients to get stuck in their everyday business operations due to sudden bugs corrupting their system. We can help you respond to their emails fast and come up with effective solutions.

Expert recommendation

It’s important for your clients to invest their money in the IT department wisely by buying software that will boost their productivity. We can schedule appointments for them with your consultants and even suggest products.

Software settings

It’s difficult for your clients to maintain the software they have purchased through regular updates or even adjust major settings. Our email operators note their requests and help provide them remote assistance.

Hardware malfunction

When one part for a system’s hardware is down, it can seriously affect the performance of your client’s IT system. Your staff can go for manual repair of hardware while we manage email communications for fast response.

Installing software

Along with assistance in software selection and purchase, our email operators can help your clients get started with their new setup through remote installation. Our level 3 technical support is valuable to your busy staff.

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