Outsource email support for your software and apps

24/7 email support for app and software developers

Outsource Email Help Desk for App Development

24/7 email support for app and software developers

Outsource email help desk for your app users

The field of application development for mobile and web usage is expanding yearly with billions invested in upcoming apps by the greatest names in software development. In particular, agencies that develop apps for accounting and marketing cater to millions of users. They can benefit from email support dedicated to assisting them in the management of email queries of their app users. Since our email operators have backgrounds in application development, they are able to responsibly answer questions about app interface, function and features. We can help your users install applications, create accounts, manage accounts and select premium versions.

Email customer services for software management

There are bound to be software users who are not well versed in software installation or management through they require it for their essential business operations frequently. We help your staff provide email support from level 1 to level 3 for the official registration, proper installation, maintenance and update of software that is developed and sold by your company. Our email help desk agents have been trained in handling issues your clients may encounter while purchasing and using software. We are online 24/7 so that we may assist your clients with software queries in your absence or during your busiest hours of the day.

Email ticket management for app and software settings

Owing to the inexperience of your clients in running advanced software and complex applications, they frequently require assistance through email. We have a 100% response rate so that none of your clients’ emails is ignored afterhours. Our email operators reply to your clients’ emails within a 15 minute timeframe and forward level 3 requests to your experts when your users demand a specialist for the job. We can assist you in tweaking the settings of software and applications remotely as directed by you for the desired results. We assure you that your clients will be completely satisfied with how efficiently we manage their email queries cooperating with your staff for a great customer experience.

Managed email service desk for software industry

During holidays and the hours when your office is closed for the day, your software agency needs outsourced email operators who can manage technical issues with the software and applications you provide to your clients. That’s the gap our email customer services fill guaranteeing complete resolution according to your fixed protocols.

Software set up

When your experts are not present for some reason, we can provide level 2 and level 3 email support to your clients who have trouble installing and setting up the software they have purchased.

Application updates

There can be times when your clients are locked out of features of your applications due to a delay in updates. Our email agents can assist your technicians in arranging remote updates for those applications.

System requirement

When your clients are searching for suitable software for their businesses, our email agents can offer them consultation about software recommendations along with your staff depending on expected system requirements.

Review responses

Several app users express their disappointment with the functionality of your app through reviews and email feedback. Our email agents can assist your staff in replying to their specific technical issues directly.

Beta testing users

Our email customer services can facilitate the two-way communication between your software developers and the users who have specially signed up for running beta versions of your software on various devices.

Fixing app bugs

App and software users often email your staff regarding the bugs which are slowing down their system or corrupting certain functions. Our email agents can support your in removing such bugs remotely for your clients.

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