Virtual Phone System Providers

24/7 Live chat help desk for virtual phone system providers

Virtual Phone System Providers

24/7 Live chat help desk for virtual phone system providers

Greater conversion with live chat for virtual phone company

Your virtual phone system services can only impress your website visitors through fast response and satisfactory resolution of technical problems. Our live chat call centre caters to the needs of your clients 24/7 the entire year gaining the trust of existing clients and attracting prospective clients. We have the experience and training necessary to support your virtual phone service company. Our live chat agents share the same background as you so they know how to capture leads for your business with minimum effort. We qualify incoming leads according their value to your company and forward them to your sales team for conversion.

Web chat service provider for virtual phone system users

It’s possible to increase your return on investment by hiring our professional live chat operators to manage your customer care. Maximize your marketing and take full advantage of the customer data we gather for your future marketing campaigns. We become the bridge that connects you to your clients 24/7. You are always aware of exactly what your prospective clients and existing customer base wants from your services. This allows you to optimize your services to ensure customer satisfaction. You gain more customer loyalty and the number of positive reviews for your virtual phone company increase significantly.

Outsource live chat agents for virtual phone system provider

Live chat outsourcing is a lot cheaper than you think. In fact, our 24/7 live chat services for virtual phone companies guarantee lower operational costs. If you try to maintain an in-house team to give technical support to your website visitors, you will lose out on leads that approach you afterhours. It’s also hard to assist clients during holidays but you don’t have to worry about our live chat agents because they work all year long. We won’t consume any space in your space since we operate remotely. Moreover, our custom live chat services for virtual phone system providers are flexible enough to include custom scripts and special protocols you requested.

Higher retention rates of virtual phone company via live chat

Buying numbers

No matter where your clients live, our live chat operators assist them in purchasing numbers from hundreds of locations depending on who they’re trying to reach with their business. They can simply contact us via live chat and put forward their specific request to be processed.

Downloading logs

When your clients want to analyze their call records offline or send them to particular employees such as marketing experts, our live chat agents explain how they may download their call logs to any personal device for later viewing or forwarding to another.

Adding users

Your virtual phone company allows your clients to add multiple users for a single number. They can ask our live chat agents about the process for adding users to numbers and we will help them include the employees they want to manage their numbers belonging to different areas.

Applying filters

Our live chat services are ideal for new clients who are not sure how call record searches function because we can easily help them in setting filters to view certain call recordings. We van show them how to filter searches by employee, customer, category, timings, etc.

Accessing record

If any of your clients is having trouble finding their call records, we immediately respond to their query and deliver the records they are searching for. We can guide them in analyzing their call records to gather valuable information as well.


We are happy to inform your website visitors about current membership openings for special programs you have created in order to give them the best possible customer experience with virtual phone services and help them apply for them.

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