Landline Providers

24/7 email support for landline service providers

Landline Providers

24/7 email support for landline service providers

Managed email service desk for landline call charges

Major businesses in various industries rely on landline services to manage their everyday communications with clients, vendors, partners, employees and administrative authorities. Since your landline services are essential to key operations within your customers’ companies, you must prove to be dependable. Outsource email customer services to guarantee 24/7 availability to customers who wish to know your calling rates. We can help you reply to queries about domestic call charges, international call charges, toll-free numbers, keeping old phone numbers, call forwarding, extensions and much more. Watch your retention rates rise with our professionalism.

Outsource email customer services for landline installation

When a new customer applies for a landline number, our email operators can assist you in making appointments for them. Your technicians can visit their home or office to install wiring and equipment for the landline system. We organize appointments on your calendar and even send reminders to your experts to avoid missed appointments. In addition to landline installation, our email help desk can aid your staff in the addition of new numbers to the account of a customer. We are able to create and update records of your landline users so that you have more time to focus on your customers’ demands. You may easily access these records anytime.

Email ticket management for poor landline connection

Other than being a support system for your staff in welcoming new customers, our email operators have been trained to handle complaints from landline users. We have a group of technical specialists who have been working in telecommunications for years. Our email help desk agents are familiar with different problems your customers many encounter with landline connection, landline numbers, user accounts, payment and more. Your staff can trust us to handle technical support from level 1 to level 3. The customers who email you will get a response in no more than 15 minutes even if you’re unavailable because our email agents are diligent in their tasks.

Outsource email help desk for landline billing queries

Our email customer services have been integrated into the setup of landline service providers in a manner that allows us to represent them perfectly. We have access to knowledge banks and customers’ accounts so we’re capable of handling any trouble your customers face in paying landline bills for various services.

Domestic charges

Depending on the specific personal or business needs of your landline users, we can help you give them suggestions about domestic call plans and sign them up for the ones they find most suitable.

International charges

Customers who frequently contact foreign clients or have loved ones living abroad email you about international call plans. Our email agents assist you in providing appropriate recommendations to each one.

Toll-free numbers

Businesses that require toll-free numbers have to be informed about areas where their toll-free numbers apply to, charges for a fixed minutes and additional minutes as applied to every call. We assist you in toll-free setups.

Block unwanted calls

Landline users who are tired of telemarketers and prank calls reach out to you for blocking services. Our email agents help you note their requests for specific numbers and protect them from receiving any such calls.

Conceal caller IDs

Many customers are interested in keeping their caller IDs private for different reasons. Our email help desk responds to such landline users as your staff directs us and process their requests efficiently.

Forwarding calls

The requests landline service providers receive from their customers regarding call forwarding may be accepted and processed by our email operators after we gather information about relevant numbers for forwarding calls.

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