Landline Providers

24/7 Customer service chat for landline companies

Landline Providers

24/7 Customer service chat for landline companies

Enhance customer care for landline users with live chat

Our virtual receptionists are integrated into your existing landline services staff to optimize your customer care for 100% satisfaction. Besides people who’ve availed your landline services for their homes, the majority needs them to run their businesses. Our live chat support operators ensure that these corporate clients and entrepreneurs don’t experience any disruption in their landline connections on our watch. We handle complaints competently and reassure your customers of 24/7 remote assistance offered by our technical experts. Apart from caring for your existing customers, we capture leads and qualify them according to your set of priorities.

Professional live chat agents for landline complaints and queries

Experience matters the most in customer service, which is why we only hire highly trained 24×7 chat agents, who know exactly how to deal with an irritated client and identify tricky problems in landline services. We perform just like an in-house customer care team that is familiar with your company. However, outsourcing customer service for landline companies has many benefits whereas an in-house team may be inconvenient and expensive. We take only seconds to reply to queries simultaneously and work afterhours as well. Your customers may talk to us any day of the year about landline services they are interested in and any difficulties they may encounter.

Custom live chat solutions for landline service companies

You’ll be pleased with how flexible our live chat services for landline providers are despite being affordable. Our aim is to help your business grow and achieve new milestones while maintaining superior customer care. Our live chat support agents interact with your website visitors through live chat scripts designed during discussions with your company’s experts. We also collaborate with your staff to develop efficient protocols for various scenarios that are expected in landline customer care. This helps us become better representatives for your company and allows you to maintain a consistent brand image in every area of service.

24/7 Live support chat for website of landline provider

Domestic calls

Your website visitors may use the live chat feature to talk to our agents about your domestic plans any time day or night. We inform them of your clear policies regarding domestic calls and current rates. Our operators sign them up for the domestic plans they prefer on their landline.

Call forwarding

Businesses, hospitals, educational institutes, research centers and other customers enhance the efficiency of their organization by managing their landlines wisely. We assist your clients in applying for call forwarding services on their current landline number and explain how it works.

International calls

Whether your customers frequently talk to their friends and family abroad or have a business that mostly caters to foreign clients, our live chat operators keep them updated on international call rates offered by your company for landline numbers in their region.

Conference call

Landlines may be used for conference calls in residential or commercial settings so our live chat operators are trained in answering questions about arranging conference calls from your customers. We explain how to add in a third numbers to control conference calls at their office or home.

Blocking spam

There’s nothing more irritating for your customers than telemarketers on landline phones. So, we’re online 24/7/365 to assist them in putting a stop to this annoyance permanently. Our live chat experts guide them on blocking anonymous callers and how to recognize spam numbers.

Caller ID privacy

We assure your customers of complete privacy while using your landline services including protecting their caller ID from those they call. Our operators teach them how to tweak their settings so that their number appears as private or anonymous when they call someone via landline.

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