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24/7 Managed live chat support for TV and broadband

TV and Broadband

24/7 Managed live chat support for TV and broadband

Corporate live chat services for TV and broadband companies

We offer complete live chat solutions for corporations and smaller businesses related to providing TV and broadband services. Experienced professionals in our live chat team help your employees serve your customers better, increase conversions and build an impressive image for your brand. You’ll never feel burdened by the traffic on your website again because our live chat operators will handle most of your visitors’ queries in your stead. This means that your staff will be free to manage the daily operations of your company to the best of their potential. Our live chat support for providers of TV and broadband connections increases your productivity.

Outsource live chat services for TV connection providers

An in-house team managing your customers’ requests is not ideal in a corporate setting because it’s too expensive to hire a large number of people to handle customer care at the level of traffic your website gets every hour. Our virtual receptionists on the other hand, are capable of dealing with several questions from your customers at the same time. A smaller team of live chat operators is able to accomplish this remotely. You don’t need to set aside a dedicated section of your office for them. In addition, our live chat services extend your business to afterhours and our agents don’t even need to take vacations or paid leaves improving your efficiency.

Hire live chat operators to boost broadband customer retention

By choosing our managed live chat services for TV and broadband providers, you agree to integrate them into your existing staff. This allows our experienced live agents to cooperate with your technical experts ensuring premium live chat support for your customers. Every website visitor who clicks on your live chat function is greeted warmly and their enquiries are given the utmost attention even if it’s a about a minor glitch in their TV connection. In order to resolve each complaint put forward by your customers, our live chat operators follow fixed protocols and custom live chat scripts developed using the expertise of your internal staff members.

24/7 technical support for TV and broadband service consumers

Lead capturing

You can maximize your marketing through our corporate live chat solution that makes sure that not a single lead goes to waste. We skillfully capture leads for your businesses and forward them to your sales team for higher conversion rates.

Lead qualifying

Another great feature of our live chat services for TV and broadband connection companies is extensive lead management we undertake in collaboration with your sales experts. Captured leads and filtered and graded by their individual potential.

Connection issues

It’s common for TV connections to be disrupted causing distorted picture or broadband connections to become weak. Our live chat operators understand the general issues faced by your customers and offer fast solutions.

Installation services

When a new customer comes in requesting a TV or broadband connection, we note their contact details and address before handing over their case to your technicians who are responsible for installation and regular maintenance.

Remote assistance

Since our live chat experts never take a break, your customers are free to contact us 24/7 in case their TV or broadband malfunctions. We respond within seconds identifying the category of that fault and the degree of technical knowledge required.

Handling complaints

Live chat services help you build stronger relationships with your customers by guaranteeing customer satisfaction. This is tested when a customer contacts us with a serious complaint. We efficiently tackle any issues they have and reassure them of our full cooperation.

Technician appointment

When remote assistance is unable to solve a major technical fault with TV or broadband services, we forward that case to your internal technicians who specialize in such cases. A convenient time is scheduled for their personal visit to your customer.

Billing and payment

Your paying customers can always rely on our 24/7 live chat services for removing any confusion they experience with their TV or broadband services’ billing. We can show them their complete billing history and make sure that they’re not overcharged accidentally.

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