TV and Broadband

24/7 email support for TV and broadband providers

TV and Broadband

24/7 email support for TV and broadband providers

Outsource email help desk for broadband installation

There’s no telling when a new customer may email you to enquire about TV service subscriptions or broadband installation. What happens when your staff is off for the day and there’s no one on the other end? As expected, that person gives up and turns towards your competitors instead. This wouldn’t be the norm if you outsource email help desk that runs 24/7/365 solely for the convenience of your customers. You’ll be able to gather a higher number of new customers each month through this one step and it doesn’t cost an arm and leg either. Once you register new broadband users, we can set up appointments for them for quick broadband installation by your technicians.

Email ticket management for distorted TV connection

There can be many reasons for TV connections being unstable. Sometimes your company has a widespread problem of broken cables while other times something is wrong with the wiring of your customer’s system. Whichever the case, your customers send in emails and demand fast solutions. Outsource email support to organize quick response and resolution while you are unavailable. Our email operators work with your staff to manage remote repairs once the problem has been identified. In case manual repairs are required, we make appointments so that your technicians may personally visit that address and fix the TV connection issue of your customer.

Email customer services for TV channels management

Your customers trust your fair charges for TV services since they only have to pay for what they are using. Some customers want to get rid of channels that they have no interest in watching and consider clutter. They send you emails asking for those channels to be removed. Our email help desk operators assist your staff by replying to such messages promptly. We gather information about the channels that customer doesn’t like and access their records to manage channel elimination for their account. On the other hand, some customers are not satisfied with the number of channels available and request for particular channels to be included. We help your staff note their demands and add those channels into their monthly TV services bill.

Managed email service desk for broadband subscription

TV and broadband service providers can benefit from dedicated email agents outsourced to deal with customers’ queries 24/7 especially during busy hours, afterhours and holidays. We can assist you in sending accurate information to your customers and managing their accounts.

Upgrade broadband

Once your broadband users have been registered, they may request you to upgrade their internet speed. Our staff can answer such emails in your absence and organize higher speed for their connection.

Adding channels

Customers availing your TV services may ask your company to expand their list of available channels. We can forward their requests to your staff and manage channel addition we have been directed.

Blocking channels

When a customer has no use for certain channels they email you about their removal. Our email agents cooperate with your professionals to list those particular channels and remove them in one sweep.

Service unavailable

Your company can gain the trust of its customers by coming to their rescue quickly in case their broadband or TV services are interrupted. We can help you by following emergency protocols for fast repairs.

Billing management

Our email customer services extend to the organization and updating of customer database as well. We can aid your professionals in processing payments and fixing errors in the bills of your customers.

Service activation

Email support agents can play an important role in registering new customers for TV and broadband service providers, confirming their payments and activating the plans that they have purchased.

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