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24/7 Outsource email help desk for mobile companies

Cellular Companies

24/7 Outsource email help desk for mobile companies

Outsource email help desk for mobile data plans

Your best bet at cementing the reputation of your mobile company in your area is to get smarter about customer support. Outsourcing email help desk operators can make a major difference in your customer experience and it doesn’t have to put a dent in your budget either. We can help you create a great impression in front of new users and build stronger relationships with existing users. Smartphone users expect everything to be fast so your email responses cannot be slow. When a customer asks about using mobile data, you should be presenting internet bundles with the highest value for money that fits their daily needs. Our email agents can help you do just that by gathering information about each customer’s priorities.

Email customer services mobile package activation

Putting yourself in your customers’ shoes will make you realize the importance of responsiveness towards your email queries. Not every customer has the time to go through the long list of bundles for calls, SMS, internet and other services. Most of your customers are completely unaware of the codes they can use to activate various bundles. In their opinion, everything should be done by you because you are the mobile service provider. When you are too busy focusing on core operations of your cellular company, our email operators can guide your customers in the right direction. We ask them about the packages that interest them and go about activating them so that your customers don’t have to put in effort.

Email ticket management for mobile bill payment

A mobile service provider may have to deal with millions of customers within the same day. It’s humanely impossible to manage all your customers’ accounts all on your own. There are certain hours of the day and times of the year when there is major load on your internal staff. Outsource email agents to lift some of that burden. Customers subscribing to your mobile bundles mean that there are millions of payments to confirm and process. We can assist you with these numbers. Then there are customers with mobile bills that don’t make sense. They email you their billing complaints which our email operators can help you resolve on time resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

Managed email service desk for coverage queries

Our email customer services can help you sort out queries regarding which areas your services are available in and your charges for various call, SMS and internet bundles. We also help you fix issues with customers’ accounts and mobile bill payments.

Internet data

Whether your customers want a mixed bundle that includes internet data along with other mobile services or they are only looking for an internet bundle for specific hours, we can suggest the perfect one in your absence.

Complaint cell

We pride ourselves on quick response time and swift resolution of problems related to mobile services. Your staff can trust us with complaints when they are too occupied with other tasks or simply overwhelmed.

SIM reactivation

If one of your customers has a SIM that has been left idle for long and they wish to reactivate it, we can help your staff organize their individual records and turn their SIM back on them without any issues.

Balance recharge

Our email help desk operators assist your staff in answering questions from your customers about recharging their mobile balance through various payment methods and processing their payments in your system.

Activation codes

Instead of agonizing over of activation codes for the variety of mobile bundles you provide, your customers prefer to email you about specific packages which we can help you activate it for them or send them exact codes.

Blocking numbers

Mobile companies offer call, SMS and number reporting and blocking services for customers who want to escape telemarketers and others. Our email agents note their requests and manage blocking for them when you’re not there.

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