Landline Providers

24/7 answering services for landline providers

Landline Providers

24/7 answering services for landline providers

Call support for domestic and international landline calls

Not having call support for a landline company is a bit awkward for your customers. They are benefitting from calling their contacts from landline but they are unable to reach a representative from your company through a simple phone call. They may need to ask about your particular offerings for domestic or international calling. Your customers may not be aware of your different calling plans designed to cater to customers who often need to dial overseas. Our call operators explain the features of each available calling plan and tell them about the call rates per minute. Gathering information about your customers’ calling habits allows us to recommend appropriate calling plans for domestic and international dialing.

Block spam and hide your caller ID through call agents

There has been an increase the number of prank calls as pranking culture is quite popular online. Your customers don’t have to be disturbed by such pranksters or annoying calls from telemarketers selling products they have no interest in. Your customers can talk to a professional on our team at any hour of the day and get information about blocking numbers. We can help them manage their blocking list. If they are concerned about their privacy and wish to remain anonymous, our call operators can assist them in making their caller ID private. When they call someone, their number will appear as private or anonymous.

Handling landline user complaints with call services

Your corporate customers are depending on your landline services to connect with their clients. Many businesses take orders through their phone and manage subscriptions through their call support. You cannot disappoint them so outsourcing 24/7 call services for your landline company would be a wise move. Your customers could have trouble with overlaying lines or voice disruption at any time. If their business hours extend to 24/7 then our call agents provide them technical assistance the whole day too. They can call us for complaints regarding dead phone line, errors in call forwarding, no connection despite bills being paid on time, overcharging and any other problem. Our Level 1 to Level 3 customer support is always prepared to help them.

Technical call assistance for landline providers

Domestic call assistance

While we’re capturing leads for your landline company, our call operators promote your domestic calling plans to those interested. We tell them about the advantages of your domestic calling services charged in various ways.

International call support

Several customers of yours own businesses that frequently deal with foreign clients so they require affordable international call rates for landline connection. Our call agents give them information on the options available from you.

Conference call guidance

There are some features of your landline services that your customers find hard to operate such as adding numbers for a conference call. Whether they’re dialing to a family member or business partner, our call support shows them how it’s done.

Block telemarketing spam

Imagine expecting an important call and receiving telemarketing spam instead which holds up the landline. Your customers don’t have to put up with this any longer. They can just call our customer care to learn how to block such numbers.

Landline call forwarding

Those of your customers who require efficient landline connections for daily operations might need assistance managing extensions and organizing call forwarding. Our call agents teach them the basics of call forwarding and offer technical support.

Keep caller ID private

For whatever reason, your customers might want to keep their caller ID private from others. They can contact our call support to understand how it’s arranged. Their ID will appear as private or anonymous to others after that setting.

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