TV and Broadband

24/7 call agents for TV and broadband services

TV and Broadband

24/7 call agents for TV and broadband services

TV and broadband installation through call services

Services for TV and broadband connections go hand in hand with many customers opting for both of them. If you’re not available afterhours, you could lose a lot of customers. It’s a wise decision to outsource customer care for TV and broadband service providers. Our call services are open 24/7 the entire year so that you don’t miss the chance to capture valuable leads. Our call agents filter and grade leads putting the most relevant ones on top. Your sales department is given these leads for conversion. We accept and process requests for installation of TV and broadband devices. Your customers can set up appointments for installation technicians with us.

Call support for technical issues in TV and broadband

No one wants to miss the latest episode of their favorite TV show because their TV subscription is not working properly. Imagine contacting customer support and finding it closed for the day. Poor user experience can result in cancellation of TV and broadband subscriptions. The trained call operators assisting your customers with technical faults in their TV services have experience in this industry and ever let your customers down. Your customers will always reach our cooperative experts who identify the cause of disruption and remove it remotely or schedule a visit to your customers’ place. Your broadband users have the backing of Level 1 to Level 3 customer support at all times.

Fix connectivity errors through remote call assistance

We run an organized setup of Level 1 technical support for TV and broadband companies, which helps your customers with general queries, payments, account management and specific requests. If your customer’s query is too advanced for Level 1, their case is immediately forwarded to Level 2 customer support. Our industry experts understand the common faults that occur with connectivity of TV and broadband services so they are able fix them via remote access. There are cases where your customers require the highest level of knowledge in this field. Therefore, their problem is referred to Level 3 technicians who accomplish remote installation, maintenance and troubleshooting for TV and broadband related flaws in the system.

Make appointments with technicians through call agents

Broadband complaints

There are several customers who depend on your broadband services for daily operations at their offices. Any disruption or failure could cost them money and resources so our call agents solve their problems on an urgent basis.

Making appointments

Whether there is a technical fault in your customer’s TV connection or they want to proceed with broadband device installation, they may contact our call support to set up appointments with recommended technicians at a convenient time.

Install TV or broadband

You want to make the best impression on your new customers so our call operators arrange installation of services for TV or broadband at your customer’s address. Your customers don’t have to make any effort for installation.

TV or broadband billing

Our call agents assist your customers in creating accounts for availing TV or broadband subscriptions. We inform them about the payment methods you accept and confirm their payment so that their service may be activated.

Remote troubleshooting

Even if your customer has an advanced issue, it can usually be taken care of through our Level 3 call support. We can manage installation and updates of software which are required for efficient internet and TV services.

Activate TV subscription

Once your customer has made the payment for their chose price plan for TV services, they can just give us a call and we will confirm it. Our call agents can activate their TV subscription remotely during the call.

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