Virtual Phone Systems

24/7 Email customer services for virtual phone systems

Virtual Phone Systems

24/7 Email customer services for virtual phone systems

Outsource email customer services for user registration

The main attraction of virtual phone systems is that your clients can enjoy fully functional virtual phone services within a day of confirming registration. Your business is rooted in the promise of speed and efficiency. Boost your customer experience by outsourcing email help desk operators who are trained in managing queries of customers who have availed virtual phone services. Our email agents have years of experience providing users information about virtual phone systems and managing the database of virtual phone system providers. Your staff may depend on our professionalism to gather required data of new customers and updating your customer database.

Email ticket management for VPS complaint status

Users of virtual phone systems are businesses that rely heavily on the smooth operation of their setups. The slightest problem can delay their important tasks and put their projects behind schedule. You don’t want your customers blaming you for responding to their emails 24 hours later when the damage is done. Outsource email agents who are actively replying to your customers’ complaints 24/7. We can forward and process requests afterhours as well which gives you an edge over your competitors. When your staff is too busy to handle level 3 technical issues, our email operators can step in instantly and find satisfying solutions for your customers.

Managed email service desk for account management

Virtual phone system providers have millions of customers in different areas. There will definitely be times when you feel understaffed and overworked. This results in your customers being disappointed in your services and they could leave you bad reviews. You can take control of such scenarios by preventing them through outsourced email operators. We have the capability to handle millions of accounts simultaneously. Our email operators work remotely so your office arrangements will never be affected while we assist your staff in taking care of customers’ accounts. Whether you want to organize billing or add new functions to their account, we can help you update them appropriately.

Email support for virtual phone system user information

There are many features offered by virtual phone system companies which customers are interested in learning more about. While your staff organizes core operations, our email agents can reply to such questions. We have a response time of 15 minutes to keep your customers informed and satisfied.

User addition

Customers running businesses who already own virtual phone numbers often want to add more users to manage one number. Our email agents follow your instructions to add in new users for specified numbers.

Purchase numbers

Your customers are free to buy as many virtual numbers as they like. Our email help desk is always ready to help you update your customer records with new virtual numbers whenever they ask for them.

Saving records

The most important thing for virtual phone system users after calling services is getting access to their call history and downloading logs for their private records. We assist you in guiding customers in saving call logs.

Database filters

Even after your customers have been granted access to their numbers’ call history, they might need to locate certain calls. Email customer services can teach them how to use call log search filters in your absence.

VPS membership

In addition to virtual phone system services, companies offer special memberships for extra benefits. We help your staff give customers more information about these perks and sign them up as members.

Technical errors

Email support is available 24/7 to share your staff’s burdens when there are too many issues reported by your virtual phone system users. We have level 1 to level 3 technical support to repair any problems your customers complain about.

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