Internet Service Providers

24/7 call support for internet service providers

Internet Service Providers

24/7 call support for internet service providers

Call agents to troubleshoot technical internet errors

The demand for reliable internet service providers has increased these past few years with the boom in e-commerce stores and small businesses operated through social media. Besides affordability, good customer care is one of the main reasons internet users choose a certain internet service provider. This is how you can leave your competitors behind by offering 24-hour technical support for all your clients. Page loading seems to slow down during the summer vacations and holidays. You don’t have to worry about dealing with frustrated clients because our trained call operators guarantee quick solutions to internet issues including lagging.

Installation of internet devices via live chat services

Business owners may be aware of the specifications and benefits of various internet devices you offer but the same cannot be said for the common users. If they are interested in learning more about a particular internet device, your clients just have to dial your customer support number. We inform them about each device’s features while making price comparisons to give them the best value for their individual setup. Whether your clients want to purchase an internet device for their home or office, our industry experts help them register for it. Besides remote assistance, we set appointments for the installation of internet lines and internet devices so that your clients need not lift a finger. We forward installation information to your internal experts so that they ay visit your clients to complete the job.

Managing internet subscriptions with call support

Outsourcing call services for ISP companies allows you to capture leads 24/7 the whole year and maximizes your marketing. You can trust our call operators to filter and rank incoming leads before sending them to your sales department for conversion. We gather necessary data from your leads to process them into your records. They may look to us for guidance with available internet subscription plans. Your clients can discuss the internet demands of their business or personal devices and request help in choosing subscriptions that fit their needs. We inform them about pricing plans so that they can make a good decision based on their current budget.

Complaint status enquiry from live chat agents

Troubleshoot internet

Our call agents are busy assisting your internet users with general and specific problems they encounter with their existing internet connection. We run them through the standard protocol if their internet is down to figure out the cause.

Connection complaints

If there is a major breakdown in the lines die to harsh weather or underwater cable breakage, we are quick to inform your clients and keep them updated on the progress of the repair. If there is an individual fault, we identify the reason and fix it.

Internet billing queries

Your clients can give us a call any hour of any day to ask about their internet billing history and current subscription. Our call operators assist them in making payments and confirm it from your end before activation.

Upgrading internet speed

Regular internet subscriptions aside, your clients may wish to increase the speed of their internet if it is not fulfilling their needs. They can call us to ask about the fees of upgrading to a certain speed and we will remotely raise it for them.

Internet device installation

If your client wants to handle the installation of internet device on their own, our technicians can walk them through it on call. Otherwise, we set up appointments so that an expert may visit them and accurately set it up.

Package activation

We handle the remote activation of internet packages you provide to your clients. Once their payment has been confirmed, they can talk to our call operators and we will activate it for them while telling him when they can expect to be online.

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