Analyzing websites for

live chat strategy

Understanding the needs of your website visitors through a complete analysis is crucial to the success of your live chat support. Paying attention to ongoing SEM campaigns, incoming traffic from ads, organic traffic and traffic from referrals is important. In addition, consider any analytical tools used to measure campaigns’ effectiveness.

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Benefits of proactive chat

for e-commerce

B2C businesses can expect ROI of up to 105% with proactive chat. It can be a powerful tool

for e-commerce websites since cart abandonment rates may be as high as 68% at times.

Incorporating proactive chat at checkout can bring this

figure down considerably.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how we:

  • The effect of reactive and proactive chat on B2B and B2C businesses
  • How website analysis contributes to selection of live chat strategy
  • How customization of greetings improves customer experience
  • Optimization techniques to apply CPI on live chat support
  • Recommendations for live chat depending on the industry

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