Inbound call center services

Around the clock and 365 days a year customer support with cross selling and up selling.

Inbound call center services

Around the clock and 365 days a year customer support with cross selling and up selling.

Retain your customers, increase cross sell and up sell, offer an unbeatable around the clock experience to your customers.

Our inbound call center facility

Our inbound call center receptionists maximize returns on your marketing campaigns by offering 24/7 liver answering services.

We learn your marketing messages, brand personas and promises, and mediums you chose to launch your campaigns. With complete knowledge of your marketing efforts, our inbound call services use customized greeting and scripts to entertain your customers.

Live Chat Ltd’s exceptional quality inbound services include:

Increase your sales

We take inbound calls without wait time in queue and convert your customers who are calling to inquire about any specific deal or product advertised by your marketing team.

Cross sell and up sell

Our inbound customer service team not only resolve issues but also create opportunities of cross sell and upsell which eventually increase your returns.


Knowing your customer behavior and collecting feedbacks on your latest products and services is the essential part to optimize your products. We create scripts and ask your customers the questions during inbound calls.

Technical support

We learn your SaaS products, understand your customer needs, act on their issues, and resolve them in real time. In SaaS business retaining customers is more important than acquiring more.

Help Desk

Hire our inbound customer support team to answer pre sales and after sale questions of your customers. We reduce your shopping cart abandonment and increase average value of your orders.

Balanced approach

Potential buyers are often turned off because of hard sell approach. We maintain a balanced approach and acknowledge customer questions at first hand while asking qualifying questions to turn them in to sales.

Centralized inbound customer services

Every call, chat, email and direct messages land in a centralized setup where every customer is dealt with customized approach. Your teams and our teams are always on the same page while dealing with every single customer.

Our integrated approach let the new hires work on older leads and recently captured leads with all the information they need in order to nurture them and convert them in sales. Anyone who works on any lead, leaves a message or a comment about their call conversation, chat conversation, or an inbound email. This way everyone else is always informed and updated on every single lead.

We adapt your business culture and values

Before dealing with your customers, its always important for us to understand your business culture and values. We keep your brand promises with its customers, entertain your customers the way you want.

You customers will always be happy and promote your brand among their social circle. With every new inbound call, our team learn new approaches to understand your customers and later on act on their issues pro-activey.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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