Customer services for order management

Outsource your order taking and processing service to us and give you customers an experience they deserve.

Customer services for order management

Outsource your order taking and processing service to us and give you customers an experience they deserve.

Outsource your order processing and focus on your bottom line. Our customer service team takes orders, check inventory data base, and send instructions on dispatching them.

E-commerce and order processing services

E-commerce businesses are going global and increasing their customer base world wide. Businesses like amazon and Ali express have customers from all over the world. If scope of your business is going global then you must outsource order processing and management services to some experts instead of utilizing your core team and wasting their time.

60 out of every 100 e-shoppers need a helping hand to complete their purchase and for this they may have few questions about the quality and material of the products. Our virtual receptionists attend calls, connect through live chat sessions, and answer questions through email support.

Why you should outsource your order processing

24/7 order taking

We assist your customers coming from any time zone during any hour of the day and answer their questions proactively. Quick help means quick buying decisions and increase in sales. A lot of customers get confused and abandon shopping cart seconds before they hit the checkout button. Through live chat we are always available and send them proactive greetings if we see they are taking more than usual time on check out pages.

Reduce operational costs

Hiring an extra staff and training them can consume a hell of your budget and you don’t want to take that burden. Outsourcing order processing takes the weight off your back. At first we understand your current situation and business process, and then optimize the way you process and fulfill customer orders. We offer faster turnaround times combined with great efficiency and quality. We reduce your operational and and project management costs by 40%.

Cross sell and upsell

We increase your average order value by suggesting bundle offers and sell higher end version of products to those who are using older versions. While taking orders, we give your customers multiple options to chose from and explain how each product can a best fit for their requirements. Our customer service team create the level of trust your customers are looking for and they make purchases without hesitations.

Be known for exceptional customer services

We all know that customer experience is next battle ground. Imagine your customers getting quick answers and their products being delivered on time. Good customer service leads to good customer experience which becomes your competitive differentiation. With us you get above 90% customer retention and more and more returning customers.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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