Warranty support

Around the clock product warranty claims check and customer support.

Warranty support

Around the clock product warranty claims check and customer support.

Product warranty claims

If you are a manufacturer of products that support internet and telecommunication, or electronic products like home appliances, computer systems, networking devices, CCTV, and other commercial and residential products that support routine life, then you need to have around the clock customer support department where customers can claim your product’s warranty and ask for installation guidance. Team at Live Chat Ltd is 7 years experienced in handling warranty claims and forwarding them to technical department. We let you offload your work and manage your technical support even when your office is closed. Technical issues can occur during any time of the day and we as a backend technical support team handle their issues and keep them posted with immediate resolutions.

Taking care of your customers’ needs

One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your warranty claim solutions to Live Chat Ltd is our combo of claims processing and technical support. Handling customer claims and technical questions can be time consuming and difficult for your core team working on new updates and features. We have advanced process flows of contact center where we can effectively manage your product databases, check for available repair slots, optimize your supply chain, and track repair updates by coordinating with your hardware support team.

Handling your risk management woes

Biggest part of our efforts goes to save customer claims fund. Our teams are trained to delight your customers even during the worst case situations. By integrating with your repair department, we process warranty claims faster and remove the risk of claims liability. Most of the times customers need training and little guidance to use products, we got it covered while processing claims. We fully take part in reducing warranty risks by documenting new product issues and forwarding them to your production department where they actively work on releasing new updates.

Bringing you quality solutions you won’t find elsewhere

We are always one step ahead of your and our competition with the help of our ability to innovate and flexibility to offer customize solutions. We are extension of your core team and continuously develop processes that support the flow of information which helps us answer your customers and guide them. We are truly day and night and 365 days call center who is always up to take calls of your customers and forward their issues in real time which means your customers never feel unattended.

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