24/7 Business Live Answering Service

Around the clock and 365 days a week customer service for your customers who are looking for help.

24/7 Business Live Answering Service

Around the clock and 365 days a week customer service for your customers who are looking for help.

Exceptional quality 24 hour business live answering and support by a dedicated team. We take care of your customers around the clock with proactive, professional, and helping attitude.

We answer your opportunity calls 24 hours a day.

We are always awake and take calls which means with us, your business is always open. No matter if your business is international or globalized, we are always available to take orders, answer general questions, and support your customers against the issues they are facing.

Why 24 hour live answering matters?

Customers’ buying process start with searching products and their reviews online. At a time, they have opened 6-8 same product vendors and then review websites. While comparing your products with your competitors, they always have questions and need quick answers. Our 24/7 answering service engage your customers, answer their questions and help them checkout.

On the other side, your potential customers may have countless reasons to contact you during odd hours. May be they have an urgent need for the goods and services you sell. May be your customers are coming from the different time zone and its regular business hours for them.

Whatever the reason is, Live Chat Ltd’s 24 hour answering service delivers happiness to your customers around the clock.

Customers are changing

When customers buy products and services from your business, they expect 24 hour support. Large pool of your customers are always young generation who won’t simply leave voicemail rather expect someone to answer their questions in real time. When your support is up and start answering emails, calls and chats, your potential customers may already had moved on because they didn’t want to wait and someone else answered their questions in real time and won opportunities.

Researchers found that 68% of surveyed people are willing to spend more with a company that provides excellent 24 hours customer service. And we guess you don’t want to miss 68% of your potential returning customers.

Live Chat Ltd does not sleep

From last seven years, Live Chat Ltd is delivering customer happiness day or night, rain or shine. We have data centers at different strategic locations making it always up for your customers and that’s why we never missed any call. Walk in to your customer shoe and see how effective is being available all the time.

Think of your customers who expect you to help them during the mid night and think of your competitors who are doing the same thing. Every single new opportunity and existing customer is important. Hire Live Chat Ltd’s customer service experts who answer your business calls, convince your potential customers to buy, and help them if they face any issue around the clock.

Customer experience

We learn your products and services, manage their knowledge banks, develop processes and measure results. Your customers will think that we are sitting in the same office. Our customer experience is exactly what you want and the the way you want. We understand your vision, business values, and align our strategies with them in order to deliver exceptional quality phone answering services.

We create new scenarios, piolet test your products, find bugs, and proactively resolve them before they reach your customers. Your customer will always differentiate your business among others on the basis of their experience. They will do more business with you and eventually refer your products to their social circles.

How our clients use 24 hour phone answering service

Every business is different even from the ones who belong to same industry. Lets have a look at few reasons why our clients need 24 hour phone answering service.


Your e-commerce business is already open 24 hour a day and 365 days a year. People are buying products from your store and placing placing orders during the mid night, morning, evening, and night. Think of your potential customers who are shopping on your e-store during late hours, what if they have questions? Are you able to entertain them and close sales during late night? If you are not, then your customers will get frustrated and abandon their shopping carts. With our 24 hour answering service, your customer support is always open like your business and you never miss any opportunity.


Businesses like real estate, medical practices, hair salons, or on site maintenance providers etc are in flow on the basis of their scheduled appointments. It becomes quite difficult for your customers to book an appointment with you during your operating hours when you are showing houses, cutting hair, attending your patients, or fixing sanitary issues. Even if you have online appointment booking system, your customers may still need help when they need some special booking or urgent appointment. Our 24/7 live answering services not only help you keep your scheduled booked during your operating hours but also take care of your bookings during after hours.

Lead generation

Do you think lead generation is just a 9-5 job? If your business relies on capturing names, emails, phones numbers, and addresses then why not considering 24/7 answering service which is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, day or night, rain or shine.

On the other side our 24 hours live answering service dials your website leads no matter when they arrive. According to famous research published on Harvard Business Review, 53% of sample businesses took 24 hours to respond to a lead and result was that 23% of their leads did not answer at all and 20% of them decided to do business with their competitors.

In case of emergencies

24 hours live answering service means your customers can always get in touch with you if they face any issue. If your business is a medical practice or you are offering services, or selling a software etc then emergencies are a real possibility. We not only take emergency calls around the clock but also provide them as much help as they need.

Your customer happiness is two minutes away!

or may be one, if you type fast.

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