Lead qualification and

nurturing processes

The sales department preserves resources by conducting follow-ups to qualify leads. These are ranked by their value to that business. Disqualified leads are returned to the marketing team that handles the nurturing of prospects. Nurturing is able to reduce conversion costs and increase the conversion of qualified leads up to 50%.

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Planning for returning customers

and referrals

24/7 live chat support and its integration with CRM solutions encourages the engagement of

returning customers. Using real-time data increases conversion rates for returning

customers. The same customers might generate high quality leads through referrals.

It promises cost-effective promotion especially if incentives are offered.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how we:

  • What life of lead refers to and how it may be calculated
  • The importance of lead qualification and its components
  • The process of nurturing qualified leads for businesses
  • Developing live chat strategies for returning visitors
  • The relation of customer referrals with conversion rates

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