Live chat offers higher

ROI for hospitality


Besides live chat services being more affordable than other channels, outsourcing makes it even more feasible for hospitality businesses of all sizes. Marketing investments are maximized as 4-8 times more leads are generated. Since they only have to pay for the leads generated, there are good savings.

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Customer experience in

hospitality industry

People make bookings and ask questions 24/7 which live chat support enables without putting

them on hold. A response is guaranteed within seconds. Proactive chat on landing pages

and customization helps them get quick solutions to common queries.

Conversion and referrals rates rise thanks to live chat.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how we:

  • Structure of customer support in the hospitality industry
  • How live chat services present a hybrid support channel
  • Cost analysis of live chat support for hospitality businesses
  • Live chat increasing customer satisfaction in hospitality industry
  • Current digital presence of consumers and online trends

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