Training customer

support agents

Once the candidates have cleared their interviews, they are familiarized with knowledge bases. They are taught personalized interactions and when to apply them. All operators are trained in common queries, appropriate responses and unexpected situations. After developing high adaptability, they undergo mock sessions where they test their skills in real world scenarios.

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Live chat boost customer


Customer satisfaction is directly tied to retention and referral rates. The short response

time of live chat support coupled with 24/7 availability is pleasing. Post-chat surveys

have greater impact than requests to rate call sessions. This leads to accurate

measurements, insightful reports and timely optimization.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how we:

  • How live chat offers better ROI as compared to call centre
  • Difference in productivity levels of live chat and call services
  • How the medium affects the quality of technical support
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction through live chat
  • Best training practices for live chat and call support

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