Creating a powerful

live chat strategy

Besides website analysis prior to finalizing the approach to live chat, clear objectives are set to trace the intended path for this purpose. Among other resources, extensive knowledge bases must be produced beforehand. This is essential for catering to particular industries and clients. They help train live chat operators too.

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It begins with the construction of live chat processes and training agents in them. Critical decisions

include in house team vs. outsourcing and proactive vs. reactive chat. Live chat integration

with customer support and CRM is carried out. Key performance indicators

are set up and measured.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how we:

  • Drafting curriculum and training live chat operators
  • Choosing suitable chat software and its installation
  • Creating personalized greetings especially native ones
  • Incorporating social media icons in live chat functions
  • A/B testing techniques, reporting and optimization
  • Necessary steps in the creation of live chat strategies

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