Up to Level 3 Support

Outsource up to Level 3 support for customers

Up to Level 3 Support

Outsource up to Level 3 support for customers

Level 1 pre-sales support

Your customers have questions and we have the answers. These queries all point towards conversion depending on the individual potential of your prospective buyers. Our pre-sales support strategies are based on your brand culture. This helps your leads click with your business as they start to relate certain promises and values to your company. When they send in a query, they have certain expectations in mind which our email agents are determined to fulfill. Sometimes, they are compiling information about similar products from different brands so that they can make an educated choice in the end. Our objective is to show them how your product is unique and offers benefits that your competitors don’t.

Product billing and activation support

Once the purchase decision has been finalized, your customers need assistance with making payments. Our email operators make them aware of all the payment methods that you permit and tell them about special promotions that may be associated with a certain payment method. For instance, holding a credit card by a particular bank might make them eligible for a coupon. In other cases, using your e-commerce application could grant discounts if their order exceeds a fixed amount. We process their payments and they receive automatic confirmations along with tracking information if the product is being delivered to them. If they have purchased software, we assist them in remote activation of their selected product once payment has been made.

Up to Level 3 in-app technical support

Your customers may take advantage of in-app technical support which is ideal to solve problems as they surface. There may be a glitch in a feature of the application due to their application or device settings. Your customers may email your staff with screenshots and explain their experience in a few words. Our 15 minutes response time is exactly what is required at times like these. There are common problems which can be fixed through a preset protocol. For advanced queries, our level 3 technical support comes to their rescue. Our email agents first identify the case of the failure before devising a strategy to take care of it without disturbing other features of your application.

Software updates and installation

Businesses dealing in complex software for corporations and organizational networks may direct their product queries to your email support. The greater the involvement of your software in their daily operations the higher is the risk to their company in case of malfunction. We don’t let your customers wait while their system suffers further damage. The first step to ensuring smooth running is proper installation of software which we can manage remotely. Our email agents adjust the settings of their chosen software to fit the particular environment of their business. We also schedule regular updates to maintain the satisfactory performance of that software. Notifications of updates are sent beforehand to prevent business disruption and are carried out remotely.

Product activation

There are a few options for your customers when it comes to activating products that they have purchased from your company. Our email agents can either send them the activation codes or manually handle product activation from our remote system.

Billing support

Customers need reassurance during the billing process especially if it is their first experience with your company. We offer to sweeten the deal with discounts and make sure that their invoice is in order before sending them confirmation of their payment.

Integration guide

Our email operators are available 24/7 for guiding your customers in managing product integration into their existing setup. We provide precautions and assist them step by step to make sure that their system is not negatively affected by your product.

Software installation

In order to ensure that the software that your customers have bought from your company performs as your brand has promised, our email agents remotely install that software according to the explicit instructions of your experts.

Product training

When your customer sets their heart on a product of yours our email operators are instantly there to help them understand its purpose and functions better. We explain all the features of your product and how they work while they get accustomed to it.

In-app technical support

Your customers can receive quick solutions while they are using your applications thanks to our 15 minutes response time. All they have to do is pinpoint their issue and send screenshots to help us identify the main problem.

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