Tiered Support KPIs

Technical support for tiered support KPIs

Tiered Support KPIs

Technical support for tiered support KPIs

Workload management metrics

The incoming tickets are assigned to each tier of your technical support depending on its capability. There is no way to accurately predict what kind of queries could be coming in so we have devised an efficient system to tackle the workload. Our main objective is to eliminate ticket backlog, reduce response time and quicken the pace of resolution. The simpler queries are assigned to Tier 1 and 2 which leaves Tier 3 technical support agents free to handle emergencies which demand the expertise of a specialist in your industry.

Recording first response times

The first response time of each tier of technical support is recorded for every ticket which makes its way to you. This is the first impression that your customers receive of your technical support which contributes to the quality of the customer experience that your company offers. Hence, this is an important metric we study that further blends into the average response times of various tiers of your technical support. We add this data to tiered support performance reports allowing your staff to utilize it for optimization and marketing plans.

Measuring resolution times

Besides first response time, the time taken to present a suitable solution to your customer’s query is also a performance indicator that we rely on for composing reports. This is a metric that may greatly differ between tiers of technical support. However, we are aware of your goal to maintain a consistent customer experience and offer recommendations on resolution protocols. The idea is to not only minimize resolution time but to keep it as even as possible for a certain type of query or tier. The outliers in each tier are clearly marked so that you may work on improvement.

Basic ticket statistics for tiers

For devising long term technical support strategies, we keep you updated on the basic ticket statistics for all the tiers. We collect data about each tier including the new tickets submitted, the amount of tickets resolved, percentage of tickets resolved within a given time period and the cases of first response resolution. This gives your staff insight into the amount of workload they can expect at a certain day or hour. It also demonstrates the overall efficiency of each tier of your technical support and informs you about the aspects in which they lack.

Recording service levels

We can offer a true representation of the abilities of every tier of your technical support by measuring their individual service levels. Comparing the number of tickets submitted vs. the tickets resolved within a specific timeframe shows you the performance rankings among the tiers. The resolution time is also a major factor that we consider while drawing conclusions from this data. We calculate averages to reduce the effect of outliers and highlight the overall productivity of each tier. Our reports are valuable for developing plans that cater to the requirements of each tier and as a result, boosting customer satisfaction.

Ticket backlog reports

Our focus is on presenting practical data that can hint at the shortcomings of the different tiers of your technical support such as the information on ticket backlogs which may damage your customer experience.

Conversations per ticket

While you are attempting to get an estimate of the resources each tier of technical support has consumed, we can provide you data on the conversations per ticket. It can help you improve resource allocation.

Ticket Distribution

We report on the first task of technical support which is dividing up the incoming tickets between existing tiers and assigning each ticket to the agent most capable of resolving it properly within time.

Tier traffic analysis

The performance of the tiers of your technical support depends on the number of incoming tickets and their distribution based on the specialties of each tier so we analyze traffic at different hours of the day.

Ticket resolution rates

Your customers judge your technical support by their ability to resolve a ticket without spending too much time. Therefore, we present ticket solution rates in contrast to the total number of tickets in every tier.

Average response time

We can give you a good idea of how quickly your customers are receiving replies to their queries from each tier by calculating the average response time taken in a certain time period like a day, week or month.

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