Support Process KPIs

Technical support for support process KPIs

Support Process KPIs

Technical support for support process KPIs

First response resolution rates

We aim to manage your technical support in a manner that steadily raises its efficiency. First response rates are prominent in our reports because they present the objectives that we have set for your technical support. We try to shorten the time taken to assign and resolve each ticket. The ideal scenario is having the ticket resolved in a single conversation. This leaves a great impression on your customers and saves your resources. Dividing this metric by category uncovers exactly what kind of query has a high first response resolution rate.

Service level indicators

Speaking of resources, your investment in technical support should produce great returns since we are focused on maintaining satisfactory service levels for your business. In order to minimize ticket backlog, we are determined to reduce the resolution time for each ticket. However, we train technical support agents to offer the best possible service to receive higher ratings from your customers. Our reports provide information on the performance and progress of each agent against the workload that they had to deal with at any given time within our 24/7 support system.

Measuring response times

Every channel of technical support is given the same attention to ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. The response times that we record depend on the nature of your communication channel but we attempt to maintain them for each individual channel. For instance, a call operator can pick up your customers’ calls within a few seconds. The same is the case with the live chat function of your website. Instead of having to wait 24 hours for a reply, we can get a response to their emails in just 15 minutes. These response times are noted for different hours and platforms.

Maintaining data security

Compliance with the terms and conditions of data security imposed by ruling authorities is a part of our report on technical support process KPIs as well. Not only do we monitor the ethical aspect of data security but we also build powerful defenses for your support systems against cyber attacks. Your customers are made aware of the compliance laws that we adhere to for their assurance. We list all the defense protocols that we have drafted and followed to maintain airtight protection for your customers’ private data.

Customer ratings for support

There are several methods that we have devised to remain updated on the feelings and thoughts of your customers regarding the performance of your technical support. These extend to various communication channels and give your customers a chance to offer recommendations to your developers. Reviews written on blogs and online stores are useful for this purpose. In addition to the surveys that we conduct to gather feedback, we have a simple rating system for your customers. Right after a conversation is finished with technical support they can choose “Yes” or “No” for declaring their satisfaction.

Self-service access

Although we have a group of trained industry experts available for your customers’ convenience 24/7, we make sure that they can search for their specific queries in the knowledge banks and product support communities that we carefully build and update.

Abandonment rates

For whatever reason, your customer may leave in the middle of a conversation with your technical support agent. We are quick to note such abandonment events and create reports for your staff to work on reducing the incidence of such cases.

Load management

At any given time, we study the load distribution of load within technical support and their performance during peak load hours. This data is incorporated into reports so that you can develop better strategies for managing the work load.

Response times

The response times of your technical support at different platforms of communication are directed related to the overall customer experience you offer. Hence, we present your staff a detailed report on the response times at various channels.

User data protection

We collaborate with your experts to build and execute strong security protocols for the protection of the confidential data that belongs to your customers. These are operated in compliance with the laws set by ruling bodies.

Resolution times

The quicker their problem is fixed, the higher the customer satisfaction and chances of positive ratings for your technical support. That is our objective and we routinely collect data on resolution times to optimize them for your business.

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