Product Performance KPIs

Outsource support for product performance KPIs

Product Performance KPIs

Outsource support for product performance KPIs

Measuring user engagement

We can demonstrate the progress of your product through solid user statistics. Outsourcing has the unique perk of enabling 24/7/365 monitoring of users on your application or software. The reports that we compose contain daily data which has been organized by the hour and compared to show you peak engagement points. Providing conclusions on user activity at different times gives you an idea of how to set your marketing and maintenance schedules. We also offer insight into the engagement of users with various features and functions of your product.

Growth of customer base

If you have just launched an application, we can show you whether the predictions that your developers made about its user count were accurate. Our technical support agents are constantly gathering data on the number of views that your application has received at the app store, the number of downloads achieved, the change in overall rating, users registered officially and the total active users at different times of the day. In our product performance KPI reports, we point out the trends in the growth of your customer base of a product.

Customer referral rates

Trust us to construct referral programs are effective in expanding your customer base depending on the incentive that you have promised your existing customers. In addition, we diligently work on optimizing them to suit the preferences of your customers as revealed by feedback and analytics. This data is critical to ensure the success of your referral programs for a service or product. We note the number of queries that you receive regarding benefits that may be obtained by them and how a customer may sign up for them. Of course, the most important statistic is the actual customer referral rate and the number of customers who remain within your program.

Reporting user trends

The raw data which is gathered from your software takes time to organize which is why outsourcing technical support is smart move for businesses. We have a dedicated team collecting real-time data and arranging it into useful charts and diagrams. This makes it easier for your staff to locate user trends which we have marked clearly. Besides, we write down our conclusions based on these trends so that you may form a plan of action. If we identify a trend that shows an exceptional level of interest in one feature, you could focus on upgrading it for better user experience.

Analyzing user feedback

There are several methods of collecting feedback from your customers from various technical support channels which we take advantage of. Regular email surveys or requests to rate your product after downloading it is quite common. The app store is a great place for receiving feedback from your users in the form of reviews. It also provides an opportunity to give them direct replies as you work on the error they have complained about. The reports we create for informing your developers about user feedback give them valuable material for building updates that live up to your users’ expectations.

Qualitative KPIs

Among the duties of technical support agents is the designing of surveys that are meant to gather feedback from your users regarding the performance of support and their level of satisfaction.

Quantitative KPIs

There’s a lot of useful information waiting to be discovered in the numbers that we routinely monitor and record for the technical support that is resolving the queries of your customers.

Profit generation

While we are creating records for the total number of downloads/ purchases for your software, we also compare the total revenue generated by your product to its manufacturing costs.

Usage statistics

In our reports on product performance KPIs, we inform you about the engagement of users at different hours. In addition, we reveal their interaction levels with various product features.

Feedback analysis

Instead of just relaying the feedback that your product is receiving, we organize it to present useful perspectives of your customers that your developers can use for optimization strategies.

Predictive reports

Looking at the response of your users towards a product, their engagement levels at different hours, growth rate of customer base and other factors, our experts can provide predictions for its future progress.

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