Live Chat Support Contribution

24/7 answering services analysis

Live Chat Support Contribution

24/7 answering services analysis

Total number of chats

If you are going to develop an effective plan for tackling live chat queries, you could take advantage of our reports on the total number of incoming chats towards your business. This is not just a number that gives you a vague idea about workload. We make you aware of live chat load within an hour, day, week or month. The comparisons that we generate provide you information on the growth of your customer base/ website visitor population. Marking trends helps you predict future workloads, which allows you to manage your live agents appropriately.

Chat acceptance rates

There are two kinds of live chat strategies in play and we prepare data for both of them. The messages initiated by your website visitors are counted as well as their acceptance rate. In addition, we have records of the chat invitations which are sent out by your live chat operators. The number of invites accepted provides an idea of how well your plan is working and ways to improve it to increase acceptance rates. The number of chats accepted by an individual live chat agent or the entire group within a fixed period of times offers a good measurement of their productivity.

Average resolution time

The quality of your live chat support can be gauged by the average resolution times of incoming queries. Of course, there are outliers which demand more than time than the others. Therefore, we mark those in our performance reports to show you how they affect the average resolution times. Besides, our reports contain the resolution times for individual agents as well as their whole unit. You may study our reports to learn more about the resolution times at different times of the day. If you want to check any changes in resolution time before and after training exercise that can also be arranged.

Agent utilization rates

We track the activity of your live chat operators when they are engaged in conversations, immersed in other tasks and during the times that they are offline. This data is included in our live chat support performance reports to demonstration how your resources are being consumed. Whether operations are running as you intended or not may be revealed by our conclusions. We use benchmarking to test if your agent utilization rates are balanced. In case they are too high or too low, we add our remarks about rushed resolutions or overstaffing whichever the case may be.

First contact resolution

While studying the trends in your live chat support for first contact resolution, we look into cases that possess odd data to check whether your live chat agents are following proper protocol as they have been trained to do so. The reports that we compose on first contact resolution include the division of data by time periods to inform you on times when it was mostly likely to happen. These hours might indicate times when your customers are not particularly active and your live chat agents are simply answering basic questions from your website visitors.

Customer effort score

As the convenience of your customers comes before everything else, we help you learn how hard or easy it was for them to search for and find the answers that they were looking from via live chat.

Chat closing notes

The post-chat tasks that must be carried out by your live chat operators are also observed by us. We observe their attentiveness towards these tasks which are may affect your live support records.

Average response time

Outsourcing promises 24/7 live chat support to your customers therefore, they expect no longer than a couple of seconds to receive a reply. Our averages tell you if you are meeting expectations or not.

Offline chat data

In case you don’t have 24/7 answering services, your customers leave you messages and you get back to them ASAP. We gather data about such offline interactions for your optimization strategies.

Conversion rates

Businesses that are using live chat support to convert leads into paying customers are informed about their progress in this regard through our detailed reports on incoming leads and conversion rates.

Net promoter score

After conversion, you continue to work on your customer loyalty encouraging them to refer your brand to others. We can assist you in measuring the effectiveness of this strategy via net promoter score.

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