Email Support Performance

Outsource support for email service reports

Email Support Performance

Outsource support for email service reports

Ticket volume measurement

We prepare reports on the most important metrics of your email customer services. Do you want to know how well your email operations are going? Our reports provide a detailed look at different aspects of email support from drip campaigns to the resolution of complaints. Knowing the volume of tickets flooding your email services is important. We create a timeline for showcasing this particular metric. You can clearly observe the total number of incoming tickets at any given time. Comparative graphs reveal peak workload hours so that your staff may arrange a better strategy to deal with them.

Average response times

The time your email agents need to reply to your customers’ emails determines the quality of your email support to a great extent. It’s not like a call center or live chat function on your website where the replies would be instant. However, we measure your average response times against the standard that you have set for your brand promise. Outsourcing can reduce the response time to 15 minutes as opposed to the 24 hours an in-house team would require. Your response times for email support are directly linked to the level of your workload so we often present these metrics side by side for your convenience.

Interactions per ticket

This is a very subjective metric for email customer services. Therefore, we attempt to report on all the factors involved in decreasing or increasing the number of conversations held for every ticket. For instance, Level 3 technical support may require multiple interactions to solve a complex issue faced by your customer. The problem could be time sensitive and there could be an observation period in between that tests the effectiveness of the initial solution. There are tickets that cannot be resolved without the customer and email agent sending information back and forth over several days. Our reports include all the major and minor considerations for each case that is recorded by your email support.

Analyzing service levels

Another metric that is closely connected to average response time and ticket volume is service level. As expected, this metric must be estimated by using measurements from other metrics related to email customer services. The value of your service level can only be gauged by the contrast between your workload and resolution abilities. We organize the data of your service levels in hours, days, weeks and months. This shows you the amount of incoming tickets as compared to the percentage of resolved tickets at any given time.

First contact resolution rate

The ideal scenario of first contact resolution rate is studied for your email support and its details are recorded in our performance reports. We can inform you about the percentage of tickets that were resolved at first contact out of the total number of tickets through various perspectives. If you are keeping an eye on the performance of an email agent, we could provide you information on first contact resolution rate of that individual. Looking at this metric from the point of view of ticket category lets you know what type of tickets are most likely to be taken care of at the first contact with an email operator.

Ticket backlog

As your aim is to reduce the amount of ticket backlog that your email support experiences, we create reports on the ticket backlog at different times and explain the reasons behind its occurrence.

Priority tickets

Our email operators are trained to mark each ticket by its level of urgency. This helps us keep track of high priority tickets which were resolved in a time period and report them to your experts.

Resolution rates

We arrange our email support performance reports to demonstrate resolution rates for various ticket categories, times of the day and each email operator working under your supervision.

Customer ratings

The automatic feedback mechanism that asks your customers about their satisfaction with email support is monitored by us 24/7. Our email agents also design and conduct surveys for this purpose.

Tickets per agent

The number of tickets assigned to an agent versus the number of tickets that they were able to resolve in a given period of time is one of the comparisons that we include in our performance reports.

First response time

We measure and report on the first response time for every email agent under your employ, type of ticket received and your overall email support because it contributes to your customer satisfaction strategy.

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