Product Development

Outsourcing product development

Product Development

Outsourcing product development

Conducting market research

While you focus on planning a spectacular launch for your product, trust our experts to manage market research on your behalf. We pay special attention to market gaps that your product development team may take advantage of. Our comprehensive reports on market research include information on the status of your competitors who are currently selling products in the same category or plan to release them in the near future. We gather time-sensitive data for your professionals so that they may create schedules for product release that deliver maximum impact.

Exploring product scalability

Our goal is not limited to the release of your product rather we help you devise long term plans for your upcoming products. Whether you wish to add a new product in the same range some time later or want to design a complementary product, our resources are at your disposal. Maybe you think that adding new features to your product would be a good idea. Perhaps you wish to release a limited edition version of that particular product. We gather sales data of that product and conduct surveys to check customers’ responses. This helps you develop a clear plan of action that will generate more revenue.

Interoperability of products

There are many factors to be considered during product design including interoperability which is our specialization. Our experience in different types of systems in your industry provides us insight into the level of interoperability your product will exhibit. We discuss this data with your experts to determine what your expectations are in this regard. By focusing our energy on the specific purpose and related functions of your product, we can come up with effective optimization strategies for interoperability. Tests are conducted to check the success of these strategies before finalizing product design.

Testing user experience

Your product undergoes many developmental stages which are concerned with functionality. However, at a certain point, we start testing the user experience of your product. We devise fair trials which are centered on your particular customer base. The results of these tests are valuable for the prediction of your product’s success. Every time the user experience ratings come back less than satisfactory, it’s back to the drawing board for us. We experiment with different components to check which one is lacking causing degradation of the user experience as a whole.

Continuous improvement strategy

Even after your product has been released, we assist your developers in monitoring its performance along with customers’ responses. Their feedback is essential for the development of continuous improvement plans for your product. We conduct surveys and study reviews to identify common issues the majority of your customers are complaining about. This narrows our focus so that we may quickly optimize that component of your product to fit the demands of your customers. We are rewarded with consistently positive reviews and steadily rising ratings as your customer satisfaction rises.

Product design

Your product developing team may rely on us for providing relevant data and recommendations for product design. We can use previous customer feedback to help you approve or disapprove features in your product.

Marketing plans

While your product is still in the developmental stage, we offer information that can assist you in adding marketing elements into your product. This saves time and there’s less anxiety when running marketing campaigns for your product.

Feedback surveys

No matter how old or new your product is, we can conduct surveys about it. We pay attention to the sections of your customer base whose response you are most interested in hearing for that particular product.

Determining KPIs

Before you measure the results of your product’s reception, we help you set key performance indicators for that product. This allows us to gather data for only these indicators for drawing useful conclusions.

User experience

No matter how much you have invested in your product, it could fail if you have not designed user experience according to your customers’ preferences. That’s why we use their feedback to suggest improvement strategies for it.

Product optimization

There is no rule for when optimization should take place. We monitor your product from its design phase to its launch for offering effective optimization tips that fit its functions and purpose as expected by customers.

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