Understand and Fix the Cause of Issues

Detection and resolution of problem

Understand and Fix the Cause of Issues

Detection and resolution of problem

Identifying underlying causes

Our technical support training involves instruction on finding the root cause of errors within software and applications. Unless we eliminate the source of the problem, it could be keep bothering your customer time and time again. Even if the issue seems like a standard one, we proceed with caution and conduct complete system checkups. We test the performances of the founding elements of that system to ensure that the problem isn’t bigger than our initial assumption. Working fast to run appropriate scans; we narrow down the causes and inform your customer of the main issue.

Developing sustainable solutions

Just because we guarantee fast technical support does not mean that we don’t do a thorough job. When your customer comes to your staff with an error, we find out the origins of the fault and tell your customer how it came about. We consider related components and test their operation to determine whether they have been affected by the current situation. Our professionals craft a remedy for the source of all the trouble. This reduces the risk of recurrence and keeps your customer satisfied for a longer time.

Frequent bug scans and removal

We recommend that your customers regularly get their systems scanned for bug activity which is the reason for most poor performances. They often slow down systems or cause interruptions in particular features of their software. This disrupts your customers’ businesses and they may blame it on your software. Inspecting their system after fixed periods of time ensures that your customers won’t have to approach you repeatedly reducing the overall number of tickets received. You will experience a spike in customer retention as they enjoy long term benefits through basic bugs scans scheduled conveniently.

Building resolution protocols

The nature of protocols that we create for your technical support depends solely on the demands of your customers related to your products and services. Your brand culture is a major contributing factor in devising protocols for different purposes. There are varying cases according to where the responsibility lies. Sometimes your customers’ actions have lead to the issue so that requires a sensitive approach. A basic rule of our protocol development is that your technical support agents handle the heavy work while your customers mainly reap the benefits.

Publishing product manuals

While we actively solve your customers’ technical queries 24/7, product manuals can come in handy for this purpose. Not only do they serve as a reference point for technical support agents but they are also useful as supplementary material for your customers’ education. If your customers are interested in self-learning, a user-friendly product manual is a great resource. They may consult us about the explanations of different features and functions of your product while studying product manuals. We can use the diagrams and charts provided in them to assist them in understanding relevant concepts.

Missing features

Even after all the research and optimization during product development, some customers are bound to express disappointment over missing features. We address their concerns, give solutions and collect their feedback.

Common issues

In order to speed up the resolution time in technical support, we have devised efficient protocols for the most common issues faced by your customers. It cuts down time taken to identify and fix them for smooth operation.

Complex functions

There are many features of your software and applications that your customers are hesitant to touch on their own due to their complexity. They may rely on us to understand their basic function and repairing techniques.

Removing bugs

When your customer purchases a software or application from your company, we warn them about bugs and suggest schedules for conducting bug scans which would lower the recurrence of bugs in their system.

Root causes

Since we believe in offering sustainability to your customers with regards to the software they have bought, we always pinpoint the chief source of the commotion before devising a solution for that particular problem.

Protocol design

Your customers don’t need to be geniuses to run advanced software but when it comes to malfunctions; we recommend that they trust proper protocols that we have developed in order to to protect their system from further damage.

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