Support Policy Documentation

Updating support policy documents

Support Policy Documentation

Updating support policy documents

Capabilities of up to Level 3 support

We build a complete guide to your technical support structure in the form of support policy documents. This includes detailed responsibilities of support agents at different levels. This documentation is vital to the organization of levels and delegation of duties among technical experts. Where these levels begin and end with regards to capabilities relies solely on your preferences. Level 1 is generally responsible for answering the most basic technical queries related to your products and services. The complexity of these queries keeps on rising until we reach Level 3.

Acquiring compliance certificates

We can assist you in fulfilling the requirements of certificates for verifying software compliance. For this purpose, we research on relevant code management licenses for codes that been used to develop the software that your company is selling. We keep you informed about any training that your technicians might be requested to undergo once they have accepted the terms and conditions of acquiring compliance certificates. The information about these software compliance certificates is included in technical support policy documentation. This way, your customers are assured that your use of software is perfectly legal.

Conflict resolution process

It’s unavoidable that you will eventually develop conflicts with your customers at some point. Therefore, we take precaution and develop a strategy to overcome such sensitive situations professionally. We discuss the policies of your company with your staff to draft an efficient process for resolving conflicts between your business and your customers. In order to stay prepared for possible scenarios, we include instructions on conflict resolution within your technical support policy documentation. Basic guidelines are added as well special considerations for rare cases your technical support agents might have to face in the future.

Action on user license breach

A license breach on the part of your user is a serious matter for which we write extensively within your technical support policy documents. We have access to the complete terms and conditions of your business which we take full advantage of in this case. There are also discussions with your staff on the best approach towards user license breaches. There are many factors to be considered in such situations which determine the severity of the violation. We explain this system within the official documents and devise reaction processes in collaboration with your experts.

Designing technical support protocols

While we cannot predict every single issue that will be brought to your technical support, we have a fair idea of what to expect. We deliberate over the outliers while listing the most common technical errors that your customers complain about. Your existing technical support records are useful in this regard. The incoming data from various channels is also valuable for designing such protocols. We compose documents on the resolution of a range of technical issues related to the different products and services that you provide to your customers.

Level 1 limit

The responsibilities of Level 1 support agents are clearly separated in technical support policy documents that we create for your business which helps in the assignment of incoming tickets from your customers.

Level 2 duties

We list down the range of complexity of queries which Level 2 support agents are expected to handle. Your technical support operates more smoothly this way as the professionals most suitable for that task are identified.

Level 3 abilities

Since Level 3 support agents have to deal with the most complicated queries, we include everything from troubleshooting system errors and remote software installation among their capabilities in your support policies.

Verify compliance

We can help you attain software compliance for your business from the pertinent authorities. The details of the verification of your software compliance are included in your company’s technical support policy documents as well.

License breaches

In the event that any of your users commits a breach of their software license, we have prepared instructions for your technical support within your policy documents. This ensures fair and professional treatment of all such users.

Resolve conflicts

Whenever there is a conflict between your customer and your technical support agent, you may refer to the section of your company’s support policy documents that contain official instructions on resolving these conflicts peacefully.

Creating protocols

In order to maintain consistent quality of your technical support, we have added protocols for the resolution of technical queries within your support policy documentation. These protocols are designed in collaboration with your experts.

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