Interactive Knowledge Banks

Maintaining knowledge banks for customers

Interactive Knowledge Banks

Maintaining knowledge banks for customers

Keyword based search system

The user interface of your knowledge bank is designed to offer maximum convenience to your customers who are seeking information about products and services that you provide. The foundation of your knowledge bank has been organized according to keywords. These keywords are further involved in developing the search filters for your knowledge bank. Connecting these two aspects allows your customers to eliminate unrelated content while searching for a specific question. Long tailed keywords in particular are useful for narrowing down problems that we have directly addressed in your knowledge bank.

Identifying failed search queries

Unfortunately, not every search in your knowledge bank can be a success. Hold on, we have a solution for this as well. Our experts have already prepared an efficient system that turns those failed searches into valuable content for your customers. Of course, this takes time but it guarantees that you never make the same mistake twice. If your customer was disappointed by your knowledge bank, they will be satisfied on an individual basis through technical support. Meanwhile, we are alerted of that failed search query and start developing a page especially for that search query.

Creating documents for guidance

Your customers may view or download documents from your knowledge bank as per your terms and conditions. We are dedicated to producing documents that provide high value to your customers and answer questions about their specific requirements. For this purpose, we must first find out exactly what your customers wish to learn about besides basic FAQs. Initially, we pay attention to the most common complaints and queries related to your business. As more feedback pours in for existing documents, we understand how to optimize that content to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Monitoring and analyzing performance

At the end of each document, we have incorporated a feedback mechanism that tells us whether your customers found that document useful or not. In our private records, we grade each document based on the feedback that it got. We identify qualities that have made certain documents successful and note the weaknesses in articles that were not so useful for your customers. After careful study we come up with optimization strategies for documents that did not receive good ratings from your customers. Continuous process improvement is applied to knowledge banks to raise quality.

Solutions for common email queries

While we are gathering data about your customers’ preferences, it is clear that there trends are always changing. It is a given that the subjects email queries will differ depending on your current sales and promotions. If you have just released a new product, most of the emails will probably revolve around its operation. The trends of content creation in your knowledge banks also shift with the change in the demands of your customers. We pinpoint the tags that have been used the most to plan knowledge bank strategies.

Information access

Since your knowledge bank is a primary source of information for your customers, we make sure that they are given easy access to the useful documents that they want to study according to your terms and conditions.

Analyzing response

The feedback from your customers is a driving force for the development of content within your knowledge banks and its optimization. Therefore, we frequently collect and analyze responses for improving performance.

Setting keywords

Our experts carry out proper research into the suitability of keywords for a document depending on its subject. We link your knowledge bank search filter and documents by employing relevant and effective keywords.

Updating guides

We don’t stop at just the creation of documents for guidance with your products and services. The purpose of your knowledge bank is to provide the latest information and understating for customers through optimization.

New documents

Whenever you launch a fresh product or expand a certain service, we rush to produce new and detailed documents for your knowledge bank so that your customers may learn all about their features and functions.

Failed searches

Instead of considering failed searches a disadvantage on our part, we try to turn it into a positive contribution towards the development and expansion of your knowledge bank. The topics of such searches are used to make new documents.

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