Make Support Easy to Find

Providing accessible technical support

Make Support Easy to Find

Providing accessible technical support

Live chat pop up window

What is the point of technical support if your customers cannot locate it? We can help you fulfill your brand promise of swift solutions for your customers. Our live chat services’ strategy has been optimized to offer the utmost convenience to your customers to prevent such problems from occurring. When your customer visits your website, the first thing that catches their eye is the live chat window that pops up in a corner. If they are not searching for help, they can simply minimize that little window and continue browsing.

Email support call-to-action

Outsourcing email support for ticket management means that your customers would expect a response within 15 minutes. They rely on your email help desk for quick answers so we have devised a foolproof plan to assist them. Instead of having to find your email address and turning to their inbox, they can simply click on the call-to-action which takes them to “Contact Us” page on your website. The required fields are adjusted so that they may explain their issues in a few words and submit an email ticket in minutes.

Positioning contact numbers

Of course, it is customary to include your phone number, fax details and complete address at the bottom of your home page. However, you can take this a step further especially if call support is your main communication channel. It can be placed on the top of your web pages for improved visibility. A better way is to have your call support function being a constant companion while your customers are scrolling up and down. This allows them to reach a call operator with just one click.

In-app technical support icon

Although applications are supposed to be simpler than websites, users often get frustrated because they cannot seem to locate the technical support function. We make sure that your users don’t have to scan menus by placing a universally recognized help icon right where they can see it. There are a couple of different places it may be set depending on your application’s design and interface. It could be a constant feature in the top right corner or part of the welcome page of your application. Selecting this support icon would take them straight to a technical support agent or create a ticket for their problem. They may easily share screenshots taken right then to explain their current issue.

Social media instant messages

Adding a personal touch to your business is always appreciated by your customers, which is why we focus on social media as a major means of technical support. Your customers can start chatting with you by clicking a single button like “Send message” on your social profile. There is a separate button for placing orders like “Shop Now” that takes them to your website or application. Splitting up technical support this way lets you cater to technical issues on a priority basis without having order management interference. Instant messaging is familiar, easy and efficient for your customers.

Support icons

Your application layout is optimized to incorporate technical support icons in a position of higher visibility. This means that your customers won’t be looking for it all over the place.

Phone number

The contact number for your technical support is often added in between website content as a call-to-action. Another method is having your call support be a constant feature while browsing.

Email address

Short email contact forms are ideal for the creation and submission of email tickets for your business. The technical support call-to-action immediately takes your customers to this form.


If your customer has decided to check your knowledge bank for information on their issues, there may be a call-to-action in case the article they studied did not give them the answers they wanted.

24/7 live chat

Even if your customers don’t need live chat support the moment they visit your website, they recall it when they are in need of technical support. It’s an easy way to reach experts quickly.

Social media

Everything is simple on social media and the buttons for instant messaging features are quite prominent. Your customer just has to visit your profile and click on this button to get a solution.

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