Process Development

Outsource product development

Process Development

Outsource product development

Email ticket support tools

Skills are not enough so we employ advanced software to organize the email ticket system for your business. The real-time statistics for different elements of email ticket management are delivered right to the dashboard. This helps us keep an eye on the email support without having to measure each one manually. Ticket submission, tagging, assignment and resolution speeds up thanks to such tools. They allow us to keep track of ticket volume vs. resolution rates.

Diagnostic middleware

In order to test the performance of your customer services, we use diagnostic middleware. It has major contributions towards reporting on your abilities to serve customers. We monitor your customer support 24/7/365 for the collection of accurate estimates for different metrics. Then we input the data into diagnostic tools to check comparative figures. This gives a clear picture of exactly which aspect of your customer support is degrading the system as a whole. Then we go about suggesting strategies to fix them.

Live chat management software

Speed being a top priority of live chat support, we incorporate reliable software to maintain efficiency. Tools such as these help us keep your business promises like responding to every query within a few seconds. They also allow us to create records for live chat history belonging to each customer and update live chat scripts along with fixed protocols for standard resolution as per your expertise. They can be of great assistance while carrying out follow-ups.

CRM integration strategies

We maintain a constant flow of data between your customer support and website through effective CRM integration software. Whenever a customer interacts with your website, an automatic record is produced which is useful for your sales and marketing departments. There is effortless collection of real-time data which saves your resources. It allows you to take care of actual queries instead of spending time on making records. CRM integration is set up to organize data from your website into relevant categories so you won’t have to separate it yourself.

Managing billing portals

Self-service platforms like billing portals are arranged for your customers so that they may manage their billing details on their own instead of contacting customer support. Of course, agents are available for assistance 24/7 but a simple interface goes a long way to provide convenience for your customers. They are able to view their credit statements, subscription history, private account information, etc. Manual adjustments to subscriptions are also possible through the billing portal.

Workflow design & development

Your customer services consist of several complex interconnected processes which we describe through workflow diagrams for your review. Whenever a new process is incorporated or adjustments are suggested, our first stop is its workflow design. Discussing optimization of business processes with your staff is convenient with workflow charts. It’s easy to pinpoint the components that need to be improved and check how the linked components might be affected by the recommended changes.

Technical support

Our team of industry experts is busy 24/7 in maintaining and optimizing technical support up to level 3 for your products and services. From product activation to software installation, we can handle it all.

Email ticket tools

We assure you of response in seconds and quick resolution of email tickets. This is accomplished thanks to suitable software that helps us assign, tag and organize incoming tickets from your customers.

Live chat scripts

The first impression of your live chat support is generally the welcoming script your customer reads. We discuss live chat scripts with your staffs to add your brand culture in them and keep things unique.

Call forwarding

Our call operators keep your callers satisfied by running an efficient system where no one has to wait long before their call is forwarded to the professional who is most suitable for resolving their pressing issue.

Support community

While we are actively assisting your customers through call, email and live chat, we also maintain a thriving product support community with neat threads where they may find specific answers to their problems.

Social media tools

The quickest answers are usually expected from social media so our customer support is always prepared to cater to customers who approach your social media profiles by using tools specialized for that platform.

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