Omni Channel Tech Support

Outsource omni channel technical support

Omni Channel Tech Support

Outsource omni channel technical support

24/7 answering services

Call support is generally the first stop of your customer when they face a problem with your products or services. Fortunately, our answering agents are always prepared to pick up the calls of your customers within seconds. They may register their issues with our call operator and get first contact resolution. In case their problem demands escalation, we efficiently manage it until they have received a suitable solution. We also dial follow-up calls to ensure customer satisfaction.

Live chat management

There may be discussions your customers find more suitable for our live chat agents. They can send screenshots, links and files related to their issue. This allows them to describe their dilemma without much effort. Our live chat operators can easily interpret that information and identify the underlying causes. Then we follow protocol devised by your experts for that particular type of case. We can remotely eliminate the root of the issue and check system performance in follow-ups as well.

Email tickets management

Our email ticket submission, assignment and resolution have been optimized to fit the needs of your business at different hours of the day depending on incoming traffic. We reply to each email within 15 minutes assuring customers that they don’t have to wait 24 hours for a response. Combined with our call support and live chat services, email ticket management delivers faster results than just consulting a single communication channel. We are able to send more information to your customers in the form of supplementary documents attached to email replies.

Product support community

Besides your FAQ section, our trained customer service agents also maintain an active product support community. Your customers often browse threads there searching for tags most relevant to their current dilemma. If they cannot find the exact answers, the leave their questions there hoping to hear from others who have been in similar situations and of course, a customer care representative. Tracking the activity of that customer makes it easy for us to learn more about their problem and solve it.

Social media platforms

Real-time data is ideal for developing practical solutions to your customers’ issues. We maintain thriving social media profiles and groups where your customers visit seeking quick and convenient answers to their questions. Since we are constantly monitoring the interactions of your customers with your social media platforms, it’s easy to pinpoint common and specific complaints. The most common cases can even be incorporated into your FAQ page in the future with a complete guide. We follow the journey of your customer from call support to social media for resolution.

Centralized technical support

How do we manage omni channel technical support? Thanks to our central command center we are able to gather data on customer interactions with various communication pathways simultaneously. The single complaint of a customer is treated as one no matter where they post about it. This helps improve the overall efficiency of our technical support since there are no repetitions occurring and agents from every channel contribute towards the best possible solution for your customer.


Once your customer has expressed their frustrations we get to work on identifying the reason for it. This is followed by resolution according to the protocols devised for that specific purpose.

Web security

The safety of your customers’ data and their systems is ensured through the development of protocols regarding security emergencies which mobilize resources immediately for defense.

App crashing

The worst complaint for an application developer is that their application has crashed on the users’ end. We take swift action to reset it and execute sustainable solutions for your customers.

Bug elimination

Disruption of activity and slow system speed is often due to bugs. Not only do we work fast to remove bugs from your customers’ system but also carry out regular scans for pinpointing bugs.

Software updates

To keep the software of your customers running in top shape, we schedule regular updates for them. These updates are performed remotely by Level 3 experts and explained to your customers.

Remote installation

We want your customers to be 100% satisfied with the software and applications that they have bought from your business. So, we make a good start with remote installation for your customers.

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